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  • Seduction by plane/train

    Hey dudes. I travel alot by train and plane. And in several situations I find myself sitting next to beautiful girls. have any of you got any good openers in these kinds of situations? could need something cocky and funny.

    I've often started chitchatting with girls on the plane, but it is hard to make any sexual tension. There are for instance hard to do any kino escalation without freaking her out (Why the F is he touching me!!) when strapped right next to her.

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    Opening no idea. Perheps something about why she is stealing the whole arm-thingy (where you rest your arm on) ...
    I like this line out of contect thoug: This is so embarrassing; … ‘I almost wore the same thing tonight’ (credit to someone, i forgot)

    Kino, you can smoothly slap her with the back of your hand after you made a joke. (Check at ~25 sec. [url][/url] )

    After a silence and you want to say something tap her with your hand/elbow .. or you can lean a little bit back with your head, but let your elbow touch her slightly on the armthingy. (What is that word?)

    other wise, learn to read palms?
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      Go situational! I have had girls just sit next to me on trains and have opened them because as far as I am concerned they want me otherwise they wouldn;t have sat next to me. Here's something cocky funny you can use "ok you can sit there but no farting" If on the train you can ask her where she is goign because you want to know of any good clothes shops.
      On a Plane you cna talk about holiday destination, things you'll be doing, and ask her where she is going then relate to what she is saying.


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        I just gamed two girls a few months ago and it worked great with this new opener, one was on a greyhound bus, and the other on a southwest flight from florida.

        Oh hey what book are you reading? I was reading this pyschology thing before I came here but packed it in my bag by mistake, let me see yours for a sec.

        *read back of book*

        You know, I wouldnt (or would, depending on what she looks like she would be into, calibrate.) have thought you would have been into this, the book that I was telling you about earlier was about this thing called the cube, wanna try? Its like a personality test.

        I still talk to her believe it or not.

        She was listening to her iPod so I just looked at it, and said 'oh hey thats a good song. Know whats cool? If you go onto myspace and send ANY band a message with the title 'proposition' they will read it, and will most likely respond, Ive .........

        *look at my phone and pretend I have a txt message, laugh and say something like oh kelly, you naughty girl, and put the phone back away*

        I do this to see if they're interested and will continue talking, or put their iPod back onto play, you know? 90% of the time they say 'what were you saying about myspace?' and then i just go back into this.

        'oh haha sorry, thats my homie kelly. i was saying that i got a few autographes mailed to me because it catches their attention, kinda like that txt haha. its a pyschology thing apparently...i meant to bring this really cool book but was on the phone so i forgot. hey lets try this cool thing my friend did to me, and read me like a book! its called the cube...

        Sorry for no real order to my posts, I just say whatever comes into my mind at the time, kinda like my game. But it works for me.

        Good luck!


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          ooooooo the plane pickup.... I've also found this situation a bit tricky from my rare experiences to actually get on a plane with a hot girl sitting next to me.

          Though, I'm not too sure how to make the plane a sexual place, since well...there's no place to have sex (except the bathroom, but even then the audience definately destorys the mood)

          Anyhow, I feel the best way to open them is like, well an envrionment opener that immediately get switched to something else.

          You: "ugh man another plane ride, these seats are gonna kill my back before I even hit my 30's" (while looking at her after that first groan of course)
          Her; blah blah blah
          You: hmm, well anyway...(add in whatever story you want)...(Now your in)

          You can talk about travel, cool places you've visited, funny things that's happened to you...anything works, though don't forget to add in some light kino while you talk along with some LIGHT negs