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  • What's the best way to deal with Approach Invitations?

    Hey Guys,

    I've been getting A TON of approach invitations lately from girls--mostly eye contact and proximity. However, I'm not entirely sure how to deal with these situations and to be perfectly honest, when girls come on to me way to strong, I get weirded out a little. For example, this one girl at my school has been sitting next to me regularly but doesn't say anything (I'm usually sitting with 2-3 other girls and talking to them). I catch her glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, she's been pushing up her tits, playing with her hair, wearing very revealing clothing (not crossing legs), and directing all her body language in my direction. She also followed me for a while as I walked home last week, which was really weird. This was after she came around the corner going 1000 MPH in her car and barely stopping for me in time (I flicked her off and yelled a few expletives). I felt like I should've called her out on this but ended up not to. But that's just an example.

    What's the best way to handle these situations? I have no idea what type of approach I should be shooting for so if someone could give me some advice as to whether I should go direct or do something else as well as some good openers to use in this situation, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, I'm a 21 year old college student and consider myself to be really good looking . I also got a good body from working out, quite a bit of social proof, and am great at projecting confident/relaxed body language.

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    I'm in a similar boat, and I puss out or decide not to approach. It's different during the day, especially in class. I have a hard time with it in class. Please PM me, we can work on this together; discuss some ideas on approaching etc. If they are visibly interested, you should be able to have some leeway with the approach; but I, like you, have a hard time thinking of a way on the spot.


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      Ok anticipation you created a social proof jealously plotline good. Indeed she showed IoIs from what you stated "Perking boobs" "Hair Fiddling". Naturally she is attracted by your socialization with other girls. If this is day game then take the set slower and really more direct approach. Operner I may use "Hey aren't you that psycho who almost ran me over? "Playfully" A opener should be unique toward you set target as she is a 1set. Then game on hope it helps good luck bro


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        I did two situational openers upon receiving approach invitations. The first one went good and I'm seeing her next week. The second girl was like talking to a mime. All looks, no substance. I felt I sparked attraction and talked to her for a few minutes but she really didn't have a lot to say so I cut her off and moved on.

        As for the girl in my first post. I came into class and took my normal seat (she was already there and it was pretty early). I sat there for probaly 5-10 seconds (too long--I felt it threw off my confidence a little), turned to her leaning back with decent body language--nothing special--and said:

        me: You're here early. You must really enjoy accounting.
        her: What? (Ouch! First mistake. I was definitely too quiet in retrospect and my voice wasn't entirely steady--probaly about 90%--my energy level was also missing which is due to a lack of sleep--I could tell it was off the whole day no matter how hard I tried to act like my normal enthusiastic self)
        me: I say something similar but apparently she interprets it more as a question then as a statement
        her: talks for about 30 seconds about something really simply like she's just here because her class got out early
        me: so you came directly to your next class? You're really eager to learn about this shit huh? (light neg to make up for the "what")
        her: *laughs for a long time, plays with her hair, leans in a little and is high energy* talks about the class for a bit and how she's always exhausted when she gets to this class
        me: (I didn't really hear what she said so the conversation kinda died here, should've opened a new thread but my brain froze --I was actually trying to remember what TruTh said about her being a psycho driver but couldn't recall it)

        After that there was probaly about 45 seconds of silence. One of my girl friends comes in after and I turn all my attention to her and pretend I'm excited to see her. For the rest of class I just tried to save grace since the interaction wasn't anything special. I reestablish my poise and body language and get a lot of IOIs from other girls (I sit in the middle of the class and since a lot of people come and sit next to me I get a lot of attention). The girl I was going for gives me some more IOIs although not as many as my original post. After class ends the other girl that came and sat next to me initiates conversation. The girl in front of me then turns around and initiates conversation and the girl next to her approaches me (she's the only one I don't really know so I'm calling it an approach).

        There's my update and analysis. I definitely reestablished my credibility and will start over again Tuesday. Feel free to share feedback/advice. Also, are there any good "canned" conversational threads that you guys memorize? I'm much better than most at keeping a conversation going but I still lose a lot of them like the one today. Let me know if you got anything. Thanks.


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          The cube is a devastating game lol. As for canned material why not take 10mins think of absolute crazy shit thats happened in your life and form a hilarious routine. I developed one about a zoo and a elephant molesting a rhino its a Small humor but effective. Also look up Mysterys archive for Canned Material. -- TruTh


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            I'm not a big fan of canned material... especially someone elses. I don't have time to memorize other people's shit and I think it usually comes off too incongruent and rehearsed regardless.

            I do like your idea of developing a few routines from personal life though. I've thought about doing this more recently so your post should inspire me to actually work on it. I'm also a little intrigued about the cube routine. I've never tried it but I like the way Style described it in the game.

            I'm not going to be doing a lot of sarging this week since I'm really busy with school. I'm probaly talk to that one girl in my original post though and take things from there. Thanks for your advice.


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              I don't used canned material I just don't remember them lol but my real life routines work because they were Experianced and lived through. Hope it helps -- TruTh


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                Well man, u say ur hot stuff, got other ladys digging u, and getting a bunch of IOIs with this girl?

                Why don't u just nice and slowly turn your head and say "hi, i'm blah blah blah" and wa-la!

                SHE'S IN... hell I bet she's so nervous about not fucking up with you she may even act shy.

                This is like one of those situations where if you had a pair of 2's in a poker game, you'd win... CAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY COMPEITION OR RESISTANCE FROM HER...