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  • Quick IOI question

    When you walk by a girl and she smiles is that an IOI? (ex:at school, on the street) Cause this happens to me a lot and it makes me feel goofy. This is during the day.

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    It depends whether they know you otherwise i would say that they are just being potite. though it's also an approch invite, so any cute girls give you a smile, then all up for gaming.


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      depends when and where

      If they are strangers look for eye contact. If they just smile and look at your face/nose, no. If she looks through your eyes, it is an IOI. Just give a compliance test and you are good to go. Open with, "can you hold this for a second?" and then do something like adjust your belt buckle, fiddle with your cell, etc


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        Take everything as an IoI. A smile is an IoI to me and therefore I'll open the set as if she's interested in me with no expectations.


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          Wow Havoc that is bad advise. All i have to say is don't look for IOIs just see if shes being friendly to you. IOIs will coming through experience, so loks as shes friendly and not trying to end the conversation with you keep talking and being fun and funny


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            Definitely take as much as possible as an IoI lol. I think Havoc's right IMHO. So long as it's not social circle game and it's not a buddy's girl or anything, why not take smiles and what not as an IoI? The PUA will either be able to stack forward and/or plow all resistance or they will have a new "friend" lol. Either way the worse that can happen is she doesn't like you... so what?

            Some things shouldn't be taken as IoIs though.... Like if you ask a girl for a piece of gum and she gives you one... That could just be politeness. You could stack off of that though mind you.

            Not knocking anything Inferno is saying. I agree 100% with the friendly vibe. If a girl is giving you good vibes escalate with reasonable understanding of ASD. Some guys think a girl is ready to fuck from one Cocky and Funny comment... Not that easy pal lol. If she is continuing conversation she is investing into interaction which is good. If you have a good amount of attraction you'll be set if you play comfort correctly.
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              Originally posted by havocsm View Post
              Take everything as an IoI. A smile is an IoI to me and therefore I'll open the set as if she's interested in me with no expectations.
              Yeah, if she exists, it's an IOI!


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                My advice is one from Mystery: What do you have to lose?

                If you think that it's an IOI, approach. If it isn't, you won't make the same mistake next time. If it is...then you get an extra sarge.

                DON'T BE AFRAID TO LOSE HER!!!!!!

                PM me if you need help.