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  • Why you should NOT strive to be TOO ALPHA - for your own good.


    PUA Tip: Avoid being too Alpha 100% of the time. This could effectively place you out of the Game with most girls. I have known so many Alphas who keep making this mistake & losing all the hot girls to lesser Betas = time and time again!

    I always stress being Alpha - but that's only because being Beta is the most prevalent problem facing men today. However, some of them guys are at the OTHER end of the spectrum = they are TOO Alpha = and these men get literally Demolished & Heartbroken when their girl leaves them for some lesser Beta who has higher compliance momentum & who possesses higher willingness to invest both emotionally & monetarily.

    Being TOO ALPHA all the time = turns most chicks off, and this is why: It's akin to having a hot girl on your arm 24/7 for a year, who plays head games with you, but yet never EVER puts out. She never shares her sexual value = so you feel cheated & decide to withdraw after a while.

    Women are the same way. If you act TOO Alpha with them = they give up after a while. Because they get tired of chasing you with zero incentive on your part. If you never share your social value = it's akin to her never giving you sex.


    Additionally, biologically speaking, human females are all programmed to choose & emotionally invest into Beta Males 75% of the time. It is only 25% of the time = when they are the most fertile = that women will be attracted to Alpha traits.

    This is because the human female is the only representative of mammalian kind that learned to MASK her menstrual cycle. Unlike other species, their most fertile period is the week AFTER menstruation - and not the week thereof. (Basically, it's the window of plus or minus 5 days around the 14th day after the start of their period = i.e. the week that follows the week of their period & lasts until 2 weeks before their next).

    This way = through this "dishonest" evolutionary mechanism = human females historically always obtained the best possible genes for their future offspring by screwing Alpha-Males during their high-libido window + additionally obtained the best resources for the said offspring by being emotionally attracted the rest of the time to Beta males (whom they could lock in & cookhold & have them raise Alpha-offspring as their own).

    Don't be mad at women for their sly nature = while their Masked Menstrual cycle is akin to a lie = because it fools Beta males into thinking the Alpha-offspring is theirs = it is only thanks to this "dishonesty" tons of YOUR ancestors have successfully survived and passed their genes on to YOU = and thanks to this lie, human beings have become the most successful species in terms of taking over this little planet = they had the Best of Both Worlds = Alpha-genes and extensive Beta-accumulated survival-resources.


    Thus, NEWSFLASH! If you wish for higher rate of success with women = brush up on your Beta traits. A guy who is too Alpha = might get a bang or two = but then his girl is gonna leave him for a more safe and secure Beta-Provider.

    So if you don't want just a one-night-stand with a hottie and want to lock her in at least for a month, two, (or six) with steady supply of wet pu$$$$$$ay coming your way = you better start demonstrating some Beta characteristics = like being compliant with her wishes, complimenting her more, spoiling her, pampering her, solving her problems, calling her every fucking day ten times a day just to see how her day went (bleh), paying for her drinks/meals, listening to her emotional BS, petting her highly annoying shnitzel pup or her ugly cat which you'd drop-kick-dead at any other time, ditching your Xbox to take her to a teary-eyed chick flick, etc. This will allow you to keep her coming back for more.

    Just make sure you figure out WHEN her PERIOD is. (If you are a smart guy = you should know this anyway). Then = the very week AFTER it ends = play up your Alpha traits = I.e. start pushing her buttons, checking out other women, leaning back during conversations, leading more, making more decisions, busting her balls, etc.

    The rest of the time = 75% of the month = you better act Beta, or you won't be able to keep her.

    This way = she will get the best of BOTH worlds, and you will too. For you won't have to worry neither about her cheating on you with some random Alpha with better Body Language & a bigger dick - nor about her leaving you for some random Beta with more money or higher emotional-BS-withstanding capacity.

    Happy Sarging, Mateys!!!

    ♥ MWAH!!! ♥

    P.S. In MOST women, the monthly period is synchronized with phases of the moon. So if you figure out when One chick is on her rag = chances are, most women in your town/state are on the rag as well.

    (Scientific studies have been conducted using groups of women and locking them up in underground caves/bunkers (voluntarily of course, after having them sign a waiver) where neither moonlight nor sunlight could not reach them. Results: their periods were synchronized to start with and they shifted after a couple of months to occur over a longer period between them - because the women's bodies lost the count of days and had nothing to regulate them by - they use electricity whenever they wanted to do waking activities).

    So if you know when your sister/mother/best friend is on the rag = chances are your girlfriend is too. Them bitches are always synchronized.

    Maybe that's why the idea of Werewolves at the Full Moon came about = all normal chicks turned CRAZY before their periods.

    Last edited by Indestructible; 03-14-2012, 07:14 AM. Reason: double P.S.

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    So theoretically you should time your Alpha behavior with her menstrual cycle?


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      So basically, if I'm reading this right, I should just find out when her period is, and then her ovulation cycle is the ten days exactly opposite her menstrual cycle, in a lunar month? So if her period begins on the new moon, her ovulation cycle would begin five days before the full moon, and I can just pay attention to when the next full moon is coming up and amp up the alpha behavior?


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        Only if you're suffering from Oneitis lol.

        The rest of the month you should be alpha to some other Hbs instead of cow-towing to someones ragtime. I dont have time to figure out how I should act based on HER cycle and HER schedule.


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          Well like the op says girls will sync with the moon. So a general alpha to beta pattern across the month should make do.


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            HAHAHA now after all this time(of being extremely ALPHA) I read this and it answers 1001 questions THANK YOU!!!! You just saved 10 other women heart break lol


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              You might need just enough oneitis to figure out when things are actually happening

              (See the "Nightlighting and the moon" section)

              If all the women were ragging at the same time there would be a smoking crater at the supermarket where the pad and tampon section used to be. Try to imagine, too, the mass PMS-ing just prior.

              Boggles the mind.


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                If I'm reading the original poster right, he's just said "I know nothing about science or sociobiology, but here's a bunch of suspiciously misogynistic bullshit I just pulled out of my arse".

                Either that, or he's a troll, in which case, I applaud you, sir. Use of male pronoun entirely intentional, for those wondering.


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                  I liked the one about all the women getting a visit from Auntie Red at the same time.


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                    yeah, i was wondering about that. i mean, girls who spend a lot of time together sync up (good goddess, my house during The Week is completely, pants-shittingly terrifying), but i don't think all girls across the board are on the rag at the same time. im pretty sure that if there was a word-wide The Week, we'd all be dead.


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                      I don't see it as being too alpha. Being the ultimate alpha is OK, as long as you're willing to connect and be vulnerable at times too. Real alpha means that you're OK with your feminine traits. A guy who tries too hard just looks like he's overcompensating (and hiding something).

                      Put simply, BE Alpha, don't just ACT Alpha.

                      By the way, men can tell when women are fertile, whether we realize it consciously or not. Its not as hidden as some people think.


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                        Go with Identity

                        I dated this woman who was totally possessive and what somebody might call an "Alpha Female" She always watched shows like "Ax Men", "Deadliest Catch", "Ice Road Truckers", shows with nothing but, hairy, rough unrefined, alpha-apes. I got out of the Army and got a job in Information Technology, want to guess what the result was? Eventhough I made more money and my job propects are secure, I went from hero to geek in her eyes. Women look for status and confidence. They also have a male archetype in their mind, if you aren't that image, it doesn't matter how smooth or compliant you are.

                        No matter, I am secure as a man, and there a plenty of women out there that like a strong, confident IT guy who isn't a Start Trek nerd. I find women that match my personality, I stay positive but, never arrogant. I will speak with any woman and treat her with repsect, I may not be her ideal of a alpha/beta whatever, she could be just that one dimensional.. I like being myself, staying comfortable in my own skin, plus you can't have them all.