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    In my experience I have observed the following.

    Girls will always be the best pickup artists around.In an evolutionary construct based on men acquiring resources(be they sticks and caves or iPods and mortgages)and women instinctually choosing a man with the most of those resources in the social environment they're in,they literally have to be.Failure to socially grade and percieve men for pickup targets as a female equals a sort of evolutionary failure akin to a man comitting to an ugly woman.

    For a man ,he did not need the skills of PUA until women were freed from the constructs of marriage and rigid systems of marriage and courting.Under those old orders a man needed only be materially successful and socially favored to be guaranteed a decent woman.The drawback was that the HBs didn't have much choice in men under the old marriage contracts pre-feminism.

    Today the women CAN choose,and for better or worse they expect their men to be more socially and emotionally skilled than them.No HB will respect a man they feel is inferior in 'game' than they are;which is a big reason why we all here can get laid on command,and why 15 year old girls have game.Put simply a woman realizes the import of 'pickup',whereas a guy won't realize that until his girlfriend fucks an asshole like me and can't compute why .;-)

    Happy Sarging.


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      Originally posted by Rodehard View Post
      Light years ahead in many ways but not in PAY LOL

      But yeah, women are ahead of men when it comes to social behavior. Or maybe she just had read The Game (for example), and had absorbed a few tricks from there. I know several girls who've read it, afterall, it's a bestseller.


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        Women are not ahead of men in the social criteria, they simply work different. Men, simply put, are like toasters. They see what they like and PING it's go time. Women, are like violins, they have to beautifully played and the performer must be on his A-game in order for her to be aroused.

        Women get props in the business world for being able to read body language, listen and communicate the way they feel, but in the real world, how many women do you see as presidents or CEO's of companies? The aggression a man can bring is what gets the job done. There's a book entitled "seducing the boys club" by Nina Diesesa and in it she explains how she managed to get to the top of a huge marketing firm and to be frank it wasn't by communicating what she felt and enacting a good listener.