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  • Female Orgasm, What Does it Feel Like?

    Describing the experience of a female orgasm is a little bit like describing the taste of salt to someone who has never tasted salt---only harder. Especially when describing a woman's experience of orgasm. Each orgasm is different. Here is an attempt to describe the experience of the Female Orgasm.

    Many factors come into play (no pun intended) during a woman's sexual climax. Some of these factors are: the level of her physical arousability, the level of her mental/emotional and physical excitement, the amount and quality of mental/emotional stimulation and the amount and quality of the physical stimulation she receives, her level of confidence/comfort with emotional/physical surrender during the sexual activity.

    Here is an interesting observation learned from women who regularly achieve orgasm: in women who are sexually aroused (meaning they have the physical and mental urgency to be sexually stimulated aka they feel 'horny') orgasm is achieved in 3 to 5 minutes when a woman uses self stimulation in private. Orgasm takes on average 21 minutes when she is stimulated in the presence of a partner. The method of stimulation used varies but in nearly all cases is applied to the clitoris by the woman, by her partner or a combination of both. This includes the use of fingers, tongue and toys (vibrators).

    The actual experience of a woman's orgasm can not be adequately described in just physical terms of release of muscle tension, muscle spasms in the genital and anal regions, increased heart and breathing rate, and in some cases female ejaculation. The intense feelings of pleasure and emotion are key components of the orgasmic experience-if not the defining element of a sexual climax.

    Here are few descriptions by women of their experience of orgasm:

    "it feels like I am falling",

    "it is like that feeling when you ride a roller coaster all the way to the top and when you go over the top, that intense feeling you get in your stomach is what you feel, only it starts in your vagina and goes all the way down to your toes and back up to your head",

    "bursting open with pleasure",

    "Warm waves of energy",

    "It feels like a combination of having to pee followed by an intense need to scream out loud because of the pleasure and then a lot of little explosions",

    "Orgasm is like someone is tickling me lightly with a feather... Softly and slowly at first... then going faster and faster...until its just right... then my whole body is tingling...then its like something just a warm water balloon bursts inside me and its all warm inside and I feel the warmth running down in a small warm waterfall...and I feel like I just climbed up that warm waterfall...and I'm left breathless...tingly and I just got out of a hot sauna.... hot... sticky, wet and breathless.",

    "For me, it feels like I'm being tickled around my waist and inner thighs, all over that area, then it builds up and I can feel it, it's like everything rushes to that area, then explodes, sending feel good sensations down my legs to my toes, up my stomach and breasts, through my arms. It even feels good when it's over...because I feel like I just finished a workout but want more, so much more, and it's like I can feel those sensations fade which is amazing.",

    "It depends on the orgasm of course, sometimes I have the itty bitty little one that feels all right. Then I have the ones where my insides are on fire and it starts up my legs then goes into my groin, then it's all just a big explosion of holy **** and I close my eyes tight and see many colors and then I start tingling behind my knees and twitching. Then I remember to breathe and open my eyes. I look into my partner's eyes and say "wow".

    As these shared experiences demonstrate, each orgasm is different. Some may come as small of ripples pleasure while others can come as a massive wave of overwhelming pleasure. There is no such thing as a "normal orgasm" as each orgasmic experience is unique.

    So what does an orgasm feel like? It's varies, as no two are alike. Some will go deep into a woman's soul filling her with increadible pleasure and powerful bonding emotions to the one she loves. While others will just be a pleasurable release of sexual tension. But each is hers to enjoy; alone or with someone special.

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    is this a good description? if not please explain like your trying to paint a picture. i want to learn how to use verbal visualization to see if i can make a women orgasm by visualizing it. also how does cumming feel different from an orgasm?


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      If you let go....Your body is out of is is like a charlie horse in your leg....but in your torso and in a very good can slowly build up and send a tsunami wave crashing through your body...or it can be many mini explosions inside your body over and over and can make you hold your breath or scream! If you have multi O's your abdomen will be sore like you have done many many sit ups when it is over. Oh but it hurts sooo good! It is all a matter of letting go on control and letting your body take over.
      .................................................. .................................................. ................Depending on what the other person is doin to you. I will go with the guy going down on me. Example. First it starts out tickly, then my clitoris gets warm. I start to wiggle cause the sensation is building into something I can't take anymore. it's like the body can't take it anymore but it does feel good. Then BAM! There's the rush of cum inching down and my pelvic region gets full, really full, and I clam up, my whole body just seems like i have been paralyzed in a good way, a mindblowing way. It's funny but when I cum, alot of saliva builds up in my mouth and I have to quickly swallow it and my temperature rises. I have convulsions and that's it. I feel exhausted afterwards because my body has finally released. Then I want to do it again, and usually have sex right after and then he cums.............................................. .................................................. ........................It's like my body coils up and clenches all over. My toes curl and the heat, the burning gathers at a single point. The need for relief rises making my head mad and it's like I want it to stop and go at the same time. then it finally EXPLODES and I feel like I just eased down in warm water and everything's calm and tender.