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    i skimmed over most of the posts but what i got from all this is... Goto the gym, buy very nice cloths, goto the gym, get a natural tan.. if you looked like brad pitt or "enter sexy hot actor name here", she prolly would have been "interested", "attracted" when she saw you from down the street. the game isnt about how you talk or DHV, its how you look.. its the same for both male and female. You would avoid the bum on the street because you think of him being in dirty ratted cloths that just look eww dirty.. but if that same guy was clean shaven and in a clean suit, I bet any one of you would take the time to listen. I had a very close friend who I always heard his girlfreind say to me How he's an a$$hole, treats her like crap, but.. she also always said to me that she only stayed with him because he was "hot".. Dont get all flustered thinking "the game" is supposed to be played like it is in the book you read because its not, only maybe a quarter. the rest is How you look, the cloths you buy, white teeth, blah blah blah, correct me if im wrong.

    oh yea.. in revelations, it says something about girls will cheat around the same time of the month, going for guys who are more masculine then the people they usually attracted to..something something 10% babys born are not the mans who is in the relationship like page 13 or something.. so.. thats why me.. Im going to the gym every freakin day, Im gunna go tanning.. Im gunna whiten my teeth. You gotta fake it till you make it.. Girls have been faking it ever since they got their first make-up kit, push-up bra. Do the same.. Lie, cheat, minipulate.. Were not ment to be in mono relationships anyways so why is everyone so butt hurt when you minipulate into a relationship for sex. She or you was gunna break up or cheat or something anyways.. just go with it.

    fyi- I dont hate woman, I dont have a hatred and never will.. I just know how to "Play" the game.
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      Mitty your mindset has already defeated you. You loose all your power when you blame women. I think what you mean is women cheat if they're not getting a need met. It's logical to say "Why doesn't she just talk to me about it?" But she loves you and doesn't want to hurt you so she'll hide it from you.

      Looks don't mean shit. I know I'm a sexy man and yet, still, I can't lay/date babes I would like too. I still get that ''Don't talk to me look'' all the time. It's natural. Laugh it off. She was probably having a bad day. She's over this incident and you're not.


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        you give the woman more power just by saying "her" needs arnt met and thats why she cheats.. No man should stick with only 1 girl at a time. We should be saying "our" needs arnt met. but you'll keep giving yourself excuses to make yourself feel better.


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          Originally posted by Mitty View Post
          you give the woman more power just by saying "her" needs arnt met and thats why she cheats.. No man should stick with only 1 girl at a time. We should be saying "our" needs arnt met. but you'll keep giving yourself excuses to make yourself feel better.
          But that's the truth: If a woman isn't satisfied on some level, whether that be physically, emotionally, etc., she will feel driven to satisfy those needs some other way. Which will in many cases mean exactly that - another man.

          It is a two-way street - you may want more than one girl at a time because you feel your needs aren't met; likewise, a woman may do the same.

          Mutual satisfaction requires a lot of honesty and a lot of communication. This takes time, and dedication.


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            Originally posted by dibz View Post
            Is it impolite to assume a man in ragged clothes approaching you holding a cup is going to ask you for money?

            Women KNOW when a man is going to make a play. We know. Believe me. We know. He has a look. Its a very distinct look. We get the look from the time we start developing tits. After years of getting the look, we are experts at reading the look.

            But lets say, just for the sake of argument that we don't know shit and we are just assuming. Its still not rude. She owes you no social duty to give you the opportunity to say what it is you want. Her time belongs to her, not to every person who wants some of it.
            This is a horrible analogy.

            And, yes, it is rude.


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              @Dibz: You do have a valid point, and while I DEFINITELY can understand your perspective, that AFC woman-hating point-of-view that Gladiator posted earlier is, in fact, a legitimate view that some guys develop. An incorrect point of view, make no mistake; but it does happen.

              Case in point: During my AFC days, I straight up HATED blondes. I got rejected in the manner of Gladiator, or just nastily to my face when all i said was a 'hi' so many times that I couldn't stand them. It took me a while to get over this hatred; even as a PUA I had this bias against them for a LONG time. Now, of course, I have no problem with them (unless they're boring).

              @Gladiator: I feel your pain, but I look at it like this: WHO GIVES A FUCK IF SHE PASSED YOU UP? You should be saying this to yourself too, bro. Look at it like this: You are a fun, entertaining guy. You know your worth. If she doesn't want to talk to you, the only one losing anything is HER.

              I keep this attitude all the time, because I know if I go anywhere I WILL be the coolest motherfucker in the room, and if they don't want to be part of it, then get the fuck out. Hot women are a dime-a-dozen: If they think their looks make them special, think again.

              The quicker you adopt this attitude, the less you'll care if they pass you up.
              Hope that helps bro! Good luck!


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                I believe, guys deal with so much shit tests and turn downs from women and have to becomes so very very good at the game in order to overcome every attempt a woman makes to get ridof them simply because they got much bigger flaws under the surface that women just don't like.

                If women don't just like you right away, at least feeling a positive vibe about you, it means you're not there yet, so you compensate with technique.

                When you become the man you're supposed to be, people just love your presence, regardless of you gaming them, and then, the women who still act bitchy, you can just discard as rude, insecure or whatever. You don't want to spend your time getting intoxicated with the crappy energy of such creatures.

                Of course, if every single one of them is a bitch to you, you may wanna be looking in the mirror first before labeling them.


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                  I agree with what most of the folks who replied here wrote with. You gave radiated too much interest in this girl, and she obviously wasn't interested in meeting you because of this. As to why women do this; I used to be just as clueless as you... but that's before I began reading 'The Mystery Method' and learned about the way women think. You have to show that you're a high value guy. Holding that V-day card so close to your chest can be seen as extremely needy and "sweet."

                  No matter how often girls say they love it when a guy is "sweet," registering that sort of behavior so soon towards a girl who has yet to even deserve it, is basically pick-up suicide. Never, ever reward an attractive girl when she hasn't even deserved it, nor was on her hands and knees for you... figuratively speaking.

                  Aside from all that, you broke one of Mystery's biggest rules. When you first begin sarging, never put too much importance on getting laid or a number. Focus more on your strategies, speech, body language and inner game. You cared too much about this rejection, when it shouldn't have ever really bothered you much to begin with. It's happened to all of us dude, it's not the end of the world.

                  I wish you luck in the future and may you look back and see this experience as a turning point for you future success.


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                    You have my empathy, but...

                    While I can empathize with your frustration gladiatorb, I have to ultimately side with dibz on this one. While to discern an individual's motives is next to impossible, as a female, if I were in a situation where a male approached me who I was not interested in, I would most likely choose to ignore them. Not out of rudeness; on the contrary, so as not to lead them on.

                    As someone who is approached quite a lot, I have taken both routes; if I do end up choosing to engage in conversation with someone who I am not interested in to begin with, I ultimately have to turn them down politely, which results in confusion and frustration for both parties involved. Therefore, I personally do not think that to choose not to acknowledge a person's advances, at least on the part of someone who is approached often, is not rude, but practical and indeed fair. And I should mention that I too have been led on, and that, in the long run, it is better to be abruptly blown off, rudely but quickly, than to be led on and feel betrayed and played.

                    For people who are frustrated by the ambiguity of approaching women, I might suggest online dating or speed dating, etc. in which a woman has consented to give you their time and undivided attention for you to try to impress them and in turn, to impress you.


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                      Originally posted by la-volpe View Post
                      For people who are frustrated by the ambiguity of approaching women, I might suggest online dating or speed dating, etc. in which a woman has consented to give you their time and undivided attention for you to try to impress them and in turn, to impress you.
                      Totally subscribe to your post. Online game is like flight simulator, where you can be yourself, take off the social mask and see how people like the real you without fearing consequences.
                      As you say, it gives you a chance to get past first impression and get to know someone before they decide if they like you or not. Ultimately, it's all a lack of experience that makes us fear other people and our own emotions. Online gives you that experience and moves you past your fears because if feels safe. A great start.

                      By the way Foxy, you from Italy as well?
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                        This post is just ignorant flaming. Put yourself in her position where anywhere from 1-10 guys approach her every day and you'll realize why she avoids guys. Also if she has a bf and is completely content with it she doesn't want to talk to random guys who will most likely be hitting on her, wasting not only her time but the guy's time too. You should be thankful she rejected you, you wouldn't have gotten her anyway. Mystery sais don't frontal approach moving targets...


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                          He Says.. She Says.. Well Everyone says...

                          Its about taking the hits.

                          Like a blade, it was a raw unrefined ore.. nothing special.

                          The Artist goes to work with his hammer.. striking blows as possessed as uncontrollable fire. Soul, heart, sweat.. strike violently opon the ore. Clunk.. after... clunk.. the ore takes a new form. With each painful strike.. a wail of awakening chimes silently echo... filling the room. The Artist.. as poised as a mountain.. looks down opon what his vision has created. From choas comes.. elegance.. the shimmer of the katana. Now what was never special shall howl as a demon opon its enemies.


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                            as a boy, if some girl walks towards u and does that, how would u feel?

                            Maybe next time u can bring a map or sth and pretend to be a tourist. Then there's a greater chance that she'll respond


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                              Lmao love your terms. Female guru?? You mean a girl thats your friend?

                              Look Venusian arts has a different system than being "straight forward". They tell you NOT to be straight forward opening up. And your still asking for trouble shooting

                              Switch your game over to THIS system, then if your having problems, ask. Don't use a different system that's the opposite that's being taught here, and ask us for your opposite systems problems.

                              Change you game, evolve and learn. And for the love of god don't call a friend that's giving you advice a "female guru" That legit made me laugh lol


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                                all systems (and non-systems) are welcome here, it's not about that.