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  • [LR] Craig David is a (wannabe) PUA

    Een LR verteld door de verovering van Craig "What's your flava" David.
    Wat denken jullie, solid game, fool's mate of gewoon op naam, geld én looks gedaan?
    Ik denk vooral dat laatste, dat ze seks met hem heeft gehad omdat het dé Craig David is. Zijn moves (horrorfilm opzetten zodat ze dichter zou krijgen en dergelijke) zijn wel hilarisch.
    Damn, zonder zijn geld & roem zou hij zelfs geen seks hebben. Craig David is gewoon een rasechte AFC! (wel met solid innergame)
    maar toegeven, "don't put yourself down, that's how I met you" vind ik wel droog.
    soit, hieronder het hele relaas, de babe in kwestie is wel de moeite (google ze maar eens)

    “He was just interested in one thing— himself!” she says. “I was a piece of apparatus he was using for his pleasure.”
    “He was saying all these lines that could have come out of any of his songs—things like ‘You don’t know what you do to me’ and ‘I’ve been waiting so long for this’.
    “But he kept having to stop—and I could tell he didn’t really care whether I was there or not.”
    In fact David, 26, was so bad in bed it persuaded her to go back to her estranged husband Mark.
    “Sleeping with Craig David made me realise what I was missing—and that my husband was a much better man than him,” says Taylor who will appear with Mark on Channel 4’s Wife Swap next month.
    “When we got to the flat it was clear who was the love of Craig’s life. Himself.
    “Images of his videos were being projected onto the walls and he had pictures of himself and gold discs everywhere.
    “There was a huge TV in the living room and three TVs in the bathroom. After he showed me round the house, he said ‘I’m tired, it’s been a really busy day. Do you want to lie down with me?’
    “I thought it was a hilarious line. I asked him, ‘Have I got mug written all over my face?’
    “But he just laughed and said he wanted to watch a DVD and the TV was better in the bedroom. So we went in and I sat on the edge of the bed and kept my clothes on while he stripped down to his boxers and vest.
    “Then he put the DVD on—a horror film. I’m sure he just did it to make me scared so I would come closer.
    “After about an hour I said I ought to go. He said ‘Why don’t you stay the night?’ It was hilarious. Everything he said was an attempt to get me into bed!”
    She insisted on leaving but a few days later they were texting each other. And then came the second date—at his flat.
    “He gave me several drinks and we were flirting with each other in his kitchen,” says Taylor.
    “I joked with him about what Elton John had said about him—that there was no better singer in England. He agreed! I asked him how many other girls he had round there. He said I was the first. I knew he was lying, but it was flattering that he wanted me.” In fact, the News of the World revealed in June how the star had lured another stunner —Karina Holmes—to his luxury pad— again after meeting on MySpace.
    “We went into his bedroom to watch a film, but when we lay down he started kissing me. I was a little bit scared as he was the first person I had been with since I met my husband six years ago.
    “Earlier he had said to me that I was the only one he wanted, and that he liked me because I was not just some airhead.
    “He was saying, ‘I really, really like you’ and was being quite gentle and considerate and so I thought ‘Why not?’ and started kissing him back.
    “Then he took his clothes off and I was quite impressed. He was very muscly and manly. Then he took my bra and knickers off.
    “He seemed determined to control everything. He took my knickers and bra off and before I knew it he was between my legs.
    “But once we started having sex it was a real let down. It seemed like he just wanted to get it over with. I was not really enjoying it. I began to think ‘what am I doing here?’
    “Then he told me to turn over and that was when I started to feel used. He was doing nothing for me, it was just him doing what he wanted.
    “Afterwards he went out of the room and got dressed. I felt ashamed and said I had to go. He just said ‘OK. I’ll text you’. That was it.”
    A few weeks later Taylor found out about David trawling Myspace for other girls. “Other friends told me they had received messages from him asking them on a date. Now I feel so embarrassed,” she says.
    Later she texted him: “How are you? Are you still stalking the Myspace models?” He replied: “Don’t put yourself down, that’s how I met you.”
    Taylor says: “I just thought ‘You complete prat’. He’s so arrogant and just thinks he’s better than anyone else.”
    A spokesman for David yesterday told the News of the World his client did not deny dating Taylor because he dated many girls and couldn’t remember them all, but the star denied trawling the internet to find them.
    Taylor got back with husband Mark in October and was picked for Wife Swap after she applied for work with various TV programmes.
    Mark knew about her dalliance with David. He says: “Doing Wife Swap seemed like it might help us move on and forget what happened with Craig.”
    On the show Taylor had to move in with a falconer in Devon. “There 48 pets in the house—snakes, rats, gerbils, snails, ferrets, six cats, four dogs and even locusts,” says Taylor. “It was one of the worst experiences of my life.”
    No prizes for guessing what the other one was.