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  • [Report] My diary: the thoughts of a world-travelling Dutchie

    i was getting ready for tonight and feeling great," i was playing some of my favorite music to play before going out (must remember to put this on my i-pod)... anway i went down to to the train station to meet my new wing mike who was coming down to from amsterdam to utrecht...

    we went to my favourite little bar first just so we can sit down and have a drink... and i dont know but i dident exacly feel comftable with mike yeat which sucked my state down.. there where several hb's around.. but dare i say it.. good old mr AA was popping back up again and i felt myself going back into my head.. i said to mike 2 hurry up so we could get to the next place..
    i showed him where we would end our night.. one of my current favourite venue's called filemon.. its a small club / bar for about 400 people.. and always great looking pp around almost all the week.. my city is a student city so really u can go out from monday all the way to sunday.. which makes its sooo awesome to practice.

    we get to filemon and its empty.. so we say hi to the bouncers and bar-staff and head to a nearby bar called "zussen" where we meet up with another amazing pimp from utrecht called justus and his wing giovanni.. + female attendence... we briefly say hi and we hang around on the couches while they leave for filemon..
    across from us at a table there are sitting two girls.. one really cutey who turns around twice to look in my direction.. i know this is an AI but my AA is BADD.. and mike unfortenetly isent the ass-kicking wings iam used too.. so this choding about goes on for about 20 mins more untill they leave... DAMMM.. we leave shortly afterwards.. after me also making a little small-talk outside with the smokers..

    after this we head for havanna which is another populair small club / bar in our town.. and for a thursday.. its PACKED.. and we are loving it.. i love this place and feel my state coming back a little.. we sit at the bar a little and open girls that come and get drinks.. just to get into state again.. this helps a bit.. and i get up and walk to the bathroom.. all of a sudden i see a girl looking at me and smilling (like a cat smiles when he's got the milk)... i see her and smile back and wave... and continue to the bathroom.. WTFF and even after i walk back.. i dont even open her.. rest of the 30 mins spend is like this.. see cute girl.. think about going up 2 cute girl.. AA.. sitting back down.. and even as we leave.. a small indian girl is throwing me an AI.. dont do shit (wish i would have my old-self back.. its now the second day in a row)

    so after 30 mins we leave.. and we head back over to filemon.. there is a hugee line as always and while we wait in line.. i neglect to talk to the girls around me more then 2 secs.. which i think in retrospect could have pumped up my state significantly.. anyway we enter the club and its FULL of hotties.. and i mean they are EVERYWHERE.. i cant seem to walk for 2 meters without seeing a cutey.. last saterday at that club was DREADFULL there.. but now!!.

    anyway we get in and i try and find justus and wait for another new wing from my city who i havent met yeat called bram. he turns up but wants to go to another club first... cool..
    mike needs to put his coat away and i sit on the edge of a table.. a cute girl is sitting next to me and i cant open.. fate interveans and she gets hit by a guy and spills her drink all on the floor and me.. she says it in dutch... but i decided that i would pimp in english there.. so i tell her.. u speak english.. she does (like all dutchies).. anway she apologizes and i tease her a bit.. she asks where iam from and starts touching her.. at this point i dident inform my wing that i'd be pimping in english this time.. so i fear of him coming in and blowing my cover.. i eject from a perfectly great set... that i knowww could have gone somewhere.. she wishes me a good night.. i walk off... WTF.

    after this we quikly make the rounds.. scope out the club and ect.. mistake.. i should have just opened the VERY first set i saw.. doesent matter if its the ugliest or the hottest girl in the club.. next time make that a rule.. anyway like i said.. just for fun and cos i dident want to pimp in dutch (god how i hate this language... i travel a lot and its almost my second language now to english being my first).. i pimp in english.

    anyway.. i tried that also to see if that would clear my AA.. which at that point i was feeling massivly.. tried dancing.. jumping around.. socializing.. all.. just to not get in that state of not opening.. by i felt it was plummeting at this time.. anyway we sit down at the back bar which is a small secluded area.. not so loud and with a few cool this time bram shows up and we talk a bit.. since we never met irl... funny cos he was experiencing MASSIVE AA as well this evening..
    after about 15 mins talking.. a girl sits down called and her friend also... her friend was the token fat chick.. really cool girl but just not cute.. the friend is a bit tough / bitchy so we talk a little.. and after about 5 mins i leave..

    back 2 the dancefloor.. try and open a few sets... blowout.. blowout.. blowout.. ouchh... retreat to the bar and try and gather some strenght.. bram comes up and we start doing some gay and silly dances.. wooooo having fun again... anyway.. next to the dj booth.... a few girls start imitating me and we kid around a bit... i think they think iam gay.. (note: stop the gay dancing.. look gay enough as it is)... only imitate them in a gay was is cool.

    so anyway.. after 5 mins of banter this stops and well i see the cute girl of the group and still experiencing the AA.. i decide to man up and claw her in..
    (iam still really weirded out by how this works each and everytime.. girls just comply and dont even tell me to fuck off when i grab them.. strange)
    anyway... i pul her in and tell her the "i think youre gorgeous.. so i just had to meet you)... she answers.... oh thanx you.. in a kinda dismissive i dont give a fuck what u think way.. anyway i plow through and keep talking to her.. after about 3 mins.. she says.. do you want a drink?.. anyway.. i dont quite know how to respond (anyone... is this an ioi from her side or what?)

    at that point bram wants to go for a walk.. and i walk away from the girls and say.. hei i just gotto go find some friends.. ill be back.. i think they through it was a blowoff line.. cos bram saw that they did the "shrug shoulders.. what the fuck is this guy doing between themselfs).. so bram at this point decises that he doesent tolarate this behaviour... (hahah.. thanx brother but lemme deal with it next time).. and goes up to the girls and tells em off.. i get freaked out by this and dont dare to go back to that set after this..

    its getting late.. and keep on seeing the clubs hb11 all the time.. i wanna aproach her but dont find the balls.. altho several times getting close to going in.. DAMM AA
    getting a bit looser though.. and start fucking around on the dancefloor.. high-fiving girls.. telling em then dance wrong and ect.. just busting their balls in general and having some fun.. this goes down remarkable.. and also got close to grinding which i chickened out on.. cos i dident know she wanted it.. hahaha... ran into the "cool fattie" from before.. talked to her for a little while in the smokers section.. cool as fuck... bi-sexual girl.. if only she was cute... too bad.. what a waste!. anyway afer this the club closes.. feel weird opening sets with the lights are on.. bring mike back to the station and go home..

    this was my first field report of many.. iam writing this mainly for myself.. so i can keep records of my infield days.. kinda like a little diary.. but if anyone wants to add any thoughts," feedback or what not.. feel free..

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    Een goed uitgebreid FR. Daar hou ik altijd wel van! AA is kut en dat zal het altijd blijven zijn. Het is inderdaad een kwestie van een knop omzetten en gewoon gaan. Ik weet niet of je vaak uitgaat, maar des te meer je uitgaat, des te meer je in betere situaties terecht komt. Zorg er altijd voor dat je zelf een leuke tijd hebt en zuig andere mensen in die realiteit mee!

    Ik merk ook een klein beetje dat je "the token fat chick" nu een beetje op aan het hemelen bent omdat ze bi is. For the love of God, stop daarmee. Er zijn fucking lekkere chicks die ook bi zijn. Niet dat ik nu zeg dat je hun moet ophemelen.. maar ga nou geen waarde hechten aan bi-sexualiteit. Ik ben nu zelfs op een punt gekomen dat ik niet eens meer opkijk als een meisje verteld dat ze bi-sexueel is. Kan je nagaan

    Ik snap niet zo heel goed waarom je in het Engels bleef praten. Stel er komt een day2.. wat ga je dan doen? Blijf je Engels praten, ook al weet ze op een gegeven moment dat je gewoon Nederlands bent? Stap lekker over op Nederlands, wees jezelf.

    BTW, je kan beter in het Nederlands schrijven voortaan. Er zaten erg veel spelfouten nu je het zo in het Engels schrijft, waardoor het FR niet zo lekker te lezen was.


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      Sorry man dat ik die set een beetje verkloot heb dan...
      Overigens was ik die set ook al binnen geweest he, vergeet dat niet. Was niet zo dat ik zomaar die set binnen liep

      Gaan we vaker doen!