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  • Learning the MM on the island of Curacao

    Well my nickname is Pam.

    I'm a 30 year old single father living on the Caribbean island of Curacao.
    Last week, I decided after watching a re-run of VH1 The pickup artist, that I want more out of life.

    DAY 1:
    I went out with a cousin of mine to a salsa club. I went with the desire to open up 2 sets. I decided to go for quality and tried to open up a 2 set of the hottest girls who were there.

    I approached and spoke over my right shoulder, and started body rocking ever so slightly. I used the "GF facebook photo problem" opener.

    I kept my shoulder aimed at them, and they confered with each other for about 2 seconds (I stepped up my body rocking during this time). I imagine that I didnt sound very genuine and that it might have came out a little try hard.

    After hearing what the other had to say, The one that I was talking to gave me a response to my facebook opener.

    I went into another story after that, but the hotter one of the two girls said "Just, go head and tell the story to her" as she pointed to her friend. Then she turned her back on me, while her friend stayed facing me to hear the story. I gave her a FTC at this moment
    I told the second story, and then I told her that I had to leave.

    I really want to improve at least on the A1 and A2 area.
    So please give me your feed back.

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    Day 2

    I was at a beach club with some friends and suddenly I saw that one of my friends was talking to two girls.

    He is not acquainted with game theory and he was talking to the better looking girl directly, not speaking over his shoulder. I seized the moment and opened the other girl over my shoulder and made a contious effort to body rock and look like I had people waiting for me. I opened with the Facebook gambit and threw out an FTC. I almost froze after the opener because I could not think of any DHV stories at that moment, but then I remembered the "girl fight outside" gambit and went on with that. I totally forgot to roll off, but she stayed interested.
    Afterwards, I started getting qualifiers from her, where spoke about her values.
    I took that as my cue to transition to C1 and bounced her to some beach chairs that were a little ways from the bar and music. She complied, but did not go for my hand when I offered it. I know that this is because I forgot to kino escalate during A3.

    We sat on the beach chair and she asked me to go let her friend know where she was. I told her that I would go with her, then we came back to the chair and sat side by side. I imediately locked in and leaned back on the chair. She stayed in a slightly leaning forward position but not facing me. I improvised to some stories from my life with as many DHVs as I could. After about 3 threads, she shifted towards me a little and I decided to number close, since I had taken the time to properly kino escalate from the start in A3.

    I told her that I needed to go, but I want to continue this conversation at a latter date. How can we make that happen?

    She asked If I had a pen and papper. (I of course did not). So she asked me for my number so she could put it in her phone. She said that she would call me the following weekend to go out with her and one of her girlfriends.

    I actually feel really good about my performance since it was only the second time I have done this. I was careless, and missed a lot of steps, but I still number closed.

    Lets see what day 3 has to offer.......


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      2 weeks later...

      Doing this stuff on an island with no kind of help (wings) or mentor is a little harder than I imagined, but I think I can see a little progress...

      I go out to practice (I'm not even going to dignify my self by calling it "sarging") typically 2 times per week. Tuesdays and Sundays. Because those are the two busiest nights on the island.

      I had pretty good luck last week until I went to Wet & Wild beach bar on Sunday. I got shot down quite consistently that night.

      I opened a 2 set, and they were facing away from me. I did on opinion opener and I guess I didnt have it down as well as I thought and I started stuttering.
      They naturally turned away from me and one of them started talking to a friend.
      I did manage to give an FTC before it got that far, but it didnt matter anyways. I was going down in flames and I had to pull out.

      When thing are going good though, I tend to get all the way to the qualification stage (A3). That's where I get a little confused about what to do next. I know that I should bounce the set at that point, and I do if it's a club scenario. But what about if you reach the qualification stage during day game?

      With one girl who was working at a restaurant, she started qualifying her self to me after a gratuitous amount of negging, but when I asked her for her number, she said that she doesnt give it out so quickly. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and I tried to do a freeze out. I told her that I dont know when I'll be coming back and that if I did, she might not be working that day. She still didnt give it.

      I imagine that my problem there was that I did'nt DHV enough and that I actualy asked her for her number instead of asking her "how we can continue this conversation".

      I want to go back and see if I cant claim victory after the fact. What do you guys think my game plan should be?


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        Forget 'game'. She sounds like she wants to talk to a real human, and is savvy enough to call you on it if you're bullshitting.

        Why are you there? If you want to display higher value maybe you should invest some time 'being' higher value. Get some lessons in something, etc.


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          Hi Jubeanation,

          I am a high value man with many experiences, but there is a difference between being high value and being able to demonstrate that high value to others... hence the game.

          Do have any useful advice that you can offer?


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            I guess that the main thing I'd suggest is that she has an idea that she enjoys your company already. if she wants to get to know you then shell find out all your good traits (and your bad ones!) soon enough.

            Proving HV seems tiring; I think if you focus on remaining a 'work in progress' and always developing new skills and experiences you can nearly ignore the 'demo' and just BE awesome.


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              Hi Jubeanation,

              Thanks for the advice, but I dont believe in the whole "if its meant to be" theory. I believe in making things happen. You are right on the fact that she will find out if she likes my traits or not soon enough, but only after she has commited her self to finding out who I am, and that only happens after the attraction phase.

              As for DHV being tiring.. I couldnt agree more! but nothing worth while is ever easy to do.
              Being awesome is great, but it's also an attitude you need to learn. Therefore, I subscribe to the "fake it until you make it" mind set. Cause I only have 28,000 days to learn how to be awesome, and I certainly am not going to wait for some dubious day where it's all supposed to magically click.

              So in other words, I need technical and specific advice.


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                I'm not sure why you think I'm taking the 'what will be will be' approach. Sure you need to make the things you want in your life happen. But you know, I don't audition for rock bands, because I dont have musical talent. It's not just about finding oportunities but about finding the right opportunity.

                OK as for this 'after the attraction phase' shit. This language was made to help guys understand shit, not to limit their interations. It's a map, not a territory. It's one way of looking at things, and sometimes it's useful, but here, I think not. Here I think you just keep yourself busy and try to make sure that you have enough time to try to organise to meet up with this girl. Don't worry about attraction phase or blah blah blah. Try to see her again some time later. Try to organise lunch or something.

                Now, stand back! I'm going to try jargon!

                DHV is about branding. It's about selling the brand.

                What I'm saying is you can't focus too much on the brand, because when you do that you're left with a swanky brand and a shitty product.

                To me, all this DHV carry on runs the risk of producing guys who aren't good at a whole lot; except looking like they're better than they are.

                So you know, I personally would be trying to take the time to learn some skills or discover some new things outside of meeting women. We want a good product. All the display you should need is enough that you can hold a conversation long enough that the product actually gets looked at. So, looking decent, confidence and social skills, basically. THAT'S IT. You sound like you have that shit. So then just chat, enjoy the person, try to meet up, see if it works out.

                I can't give you specifics cos I don't known the intricicies but it sounds like you want some complex secret plan, but there isn't one. Seriously if you don't have the imagination to work out how to ask a girl to see you again, you're in a spot of bother.

                "Hey Girlname, we met the other night, how are you? Hey look on xx im xxig at xx. Come along?"

                Or you know, whatever suits you.


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                  comfort sticking points

                  Last week I met 2 girls from Switzerland and one girl from Holland.
                  I didn't need to use an opener since we met through other means.
                  I told them that I was organizing a party on the beach and that they should come, which they did.
                  I was on fire that night and I was social proofing up the waazu. Every 15 minutes I had somebody that I knew come up to me and say hi, many of which were women and this was not only helping my case with the swiss but also with the dutch girl. I threw compliance tests at them all night and engaged in gratuitous amounts of negs. They were eating it up and I acting as alpha as possible. Everything was going great, except I totally forgot to kino escalate and close. This reminds me of what Style said in his book about being reluctant to pull the trigger because you don't want to ruin a good thing.
                  After the swiss started walking around, I got talking to the dutch girl and she was really nice. A real quality woman. I did a pretty good job of DHVing with her and I also performed the cube with her.
                  That night was going so well, that another girl who was sitting in a near by set broke away from her set to come and hang with us and she asked me to play her a song (I had my guitar by me). I did not close that night, but I felt pretty good with my progress.

                  Here were my sticking points for the night:
                  -Though they qualified them selves to me and were giving me lots of IOIs, I did not bounce one of them and pull the trigger.
                  -I did not pick a target
                  -I did not embed enough DHV spikes in my stories with the swiss
                  -I didn't keep track of the IOIs from the dutch girl during the cube.
                  -I was apparently calling the dutch girl by some other name the entire evening, and that probably lowered my values.

                  The consequences:
                  -I did not close in any way that matters.
                  -A friend of mine capitalized on the swiss's buying temp and kiss closed her that night.
                  -The dutch girl now has a LJBF vibe with me, where as she was giving me excellent sexual body language just the other day.

                  I need to force my self on the next set to isolate and kiss close even if I'm not sure of my self.