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  • Game and the economy

    Does anyone have any trouble putting the two together? I think I really need a boot camp. I have read plenty of text but it never seems to work well in the field, and I think I need to see someone calibrated. I would love to do one but I barely make a thousand dollars a month. A bootcamp with mystery is out of the question at 5k.

    The area I live in is horribly overpopulated and there are no jobs around. Even if I got a job, it would probably not be one where I would ever be able to have an extra 5k lying around. Add the fact that the dollar has lost 20% of its value over the last 10 years and is losing value faster, the rising jobless rate, Greece guaranteed to default on its loan in 6 months at best and take the world economy with it...

    I really dont see a time in the near future where I can afford some real training.