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  • Investing in Tax Liens

    So, in my search for multiple ways to increase my income, I stumbled upon a very unique investment technique that may interest some of you. Basically, a tax lien is something issued by counties in every state when a property owner can not pay their taxes. It is essentially a short-term loan. The property owner must pay you back for the loan plus interest in a certain amount of time. When it's all said and done, you make an average of 18-25% ROI. But here's the cool thing! If the property owner doesn't pay you back, you get their property! Tax liens range in price from as low as 10$ to a few million dollars, but most of them range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Imagine owning a $500,000 house for only a few thousand dollars! I just bought a program on tax lien investing but this is what I learned from glancing at the book while I was downstairs eating. If you are looking for a neat way to increase your income, tax lien investing might be for you. Oh, and there is very limited risk, since by LAW, you must be paid back in entirety plus interest or you get their property. Even if you didn't get paid back, you've obtained a property worth much more than the tax lien. Check it out if your interested!