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  • beating cognitive dissonance

    I've been poor all my adult life. It sucks, but I'm doing something about it. I'm studying Forex investing daily. One of the guys in the Forex thread warned about cognitive dissonance. It's where your mind is so used to one thing that it creates an artificial ceiling. You're comfortable with one reality and then anything else contradicts it, even something good, you feel uncomfortable. Someone who's used to being poor will start to become successful, but it will feel weird and then he'll unconsciously sabotage it.

    Wow, have I ever felt this. When studying wealth building, a big part of me says, "Oh, bullshit, that can't happen." So, I've put together a strategy for beating cognitive dissonance. Here it is:

    1. Regular deep meditation in which I in great detail visualize already being wealthy.
    2. Daily reframing of all poverty mentality. If any negative thoughts to the effect of I can't be wealthy come into my head, I immediately reframe thing into ideas that empower me toward wealth. Then I use those reframes in my meditation.
    3. Associate with people who are already wealthy. As of yet, that's mostly online. I still have to deal with poverty-minded people because I'm still working in my butt slam shitty job. I'm searching for better, but I can't walk out till I find better work. Any poverty mentality that emanates from my coworkers I immediately reframe.
    4. Consistent study of wealth building.

    Do you think I have my bases covered? Or is there more I should do to beat cognitive dissonance?

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    thats awesome man, do you have any stuff on the meditation part though. Like books or techniques to check out?


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      I meditate to recordings by Brain Sync. Most were originally on cassette tapes that had a guided side A and a music only side B. I almost always use side B so that I can guide myself. I focus on a geometric pattern known as a mandala that helps me quiet the mind and get very relaxed. This technique is common in Buddhist meditation. Then the mantras I use are often the reframes I've come up with per Tony Robbins techniques. It's not the only way to do it, but it works for me. You should be able to find plenty of info on all this via Google.


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        Wow that's amazing. Props Ice 9.

        I can relate to your post and I think I can add to this. I made some goals for myself to get into physical shape, but I had a hard time doing it because my reasons were superficial. I was not motivated and I was not pushing myself. I joined an MMA gym recently and it has inspired me to train and work hard. Competition is the best motivator. I feel stronger and more connected to the people I train with whether I lose in the cage or win in the cage; I always find myself standing up with a smile on my face. I love it.

        My point is, you have to enjoy working in the business world and money will naturally come to you. I was a business major in college and I detested it. Until I found out that doing business was not about the money, but about the people. Making them feel good for working with you and playing the game that's beset in people when working in business negotiations. We all have our definitions of "rich", but no matter what that definition is, it won't happen unless your good with people.


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          Ice, I think you understand this already from my writing, but I'll explain it here anyway. This might not make sense to anyone else but Ice, because it's all coming from an article I had previously posted on this forum. You say cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling you get when your reality is challenged and that you may sabotage yourself in the end. This is true, but let's take an even deeper look into why this is. As you know from my article that was posted on this forum, all your habitual patterns are ingrained in your nervous system and your reticular activating system draws on this data to filter your perception of the world. Usually your RAS will filter out stuff that doesn't match your already existing patterns, but sometimes something comes around that's so powerful that it can't simply be filtered out and it causes you to consciously focus on it. As you know, focusing on something repeatedly and emotionally is the only way to recondition yourself with new habitual thought patterns and beliefs. When you start to focus on something completely opposite of your pre-existing beliefs, you're essentially coming into conflict with your established belief system. A war starts up in your mind between the two ideas. If you lack conscious control of your focus of attention, your established belief system will usually win, since it's more habitually rooted in your nervous system already. It will automatically and unconsciously move you in the direction of whatever is more established as habit within you. If you understand all this though, and are able to control your conscious focus of attention, you will be able to continue opposing your established belief system. With emotionally intense focus and repetiton, you will eventually win over this battle and recondition that old belief system with the new belief system, which is much more in alignment with your ultimate goal of wealth building, thus providing you even less resistance and allowing you to reach your goal more quickly and easily.

          We see this all the time with lottery winners that are pre-programmed with a mindset of poverty. Have you ever heard about all the people that were suddenly injected with a large amount of wealth and were soon after either broke or in debt? The new wealth that suddenly comes in gets frittered away through the existing "poor person" habit patterns, which are emotional, thought and behavioral. Unless the nervous system is reconditioned, the new wealth will suddenly be gone one day. The old belief system won out over the new belief system.

          Another example is with religious conflict. Each religion is a belief system that has been taken in and ingrained in the nervous system of the person. I'm an atheist (Non-Religious) and my cousin is religious. When we shared an apartment, I would get into confrontations with him all the time because of this. I refused to bring the discussion up because I knew it would create conflict between us, but he would bring it up all the time, so I had to deal with it a lot. Anyway, I learned to be present focused and in the moment when dealing with these situations. My cousin on the other hand, cognitive dissonace would kick in. He would unconsciously and habitually react against anything I said, no matter how logical and emotion free my argument was. His old belief system was activated in order to protect his entire reality from an invasion of inconsistent ideas. If he instead was able to grab control of his conscious focus of attention instead of allowing his unconscious mind to habitually direct his focus, he would have been able to analyze my ideas more objectively without subjectively rejecting them based on habit. This will happen to you when challenged with new ideas and ways of thinking, so pay attention.

          The strategies you've chosen to combat your old belief system are all superb ways of dealing with the situation. 1. Visualization will help you to purposefully ingrain these beliefs into your nervous system. 2. Reframing will allow you to prevent your established belief system from unconsciously and habitually taking control, allowing you to consciously substitute the old habit with something more positive and in alignment with your goals. 3. Hanging around with people that contain a poverty mindset will unsconsciously trigger more habitual thought patterns within you. Hanging around with people that contain a rich mindset will constantly challenge your existing poverty mindset, allowing you an environment that supports your desired belief system change. 4. Constantly inundating yourself with new beliefs and knowledge through books, audio and video programs will also help with the goal of reconditioning yourself. All your strategies will help you make it to your goal.

          Cognitive dissonance is where your reality conflicts with new ideas. The only way to make sure you win this battle is to recondition yourself through the purposeful use of your focus of attention. The old reality will then be replaced by the new reality. To do this successfully unfortunately requires a mind struggle, and that struggle is where most people fail, most of the time because they aren't even consciously aware of the struggle itself going on inside of you.
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            When I was dealing with cognitive dissonance, I was soooo used to making 20 dollars an hour that it was wierd making a few thousand in one. Typically, I'd have a wild day like that and then lose the next few days because I stopped listening to my method and started sabotaging myself. You need to hold the belief that time holds no bearing on the amount you can make. Time is fake, That's a WILD belief, but one that I've created for myself.

            My MAJOR pieces of advice would be a LOT of what Sentinel has said and written about along with setting up a vision board and watching the movie titled "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and delving as far into it as you can so much as reading everything possible on the law of attraction. The recommendations for Maxwell Maltz's book delves into this same area by conentrating on visualization. By vision board, I mean cut out or print pictures of things that you want in your life, put it directly behind your computer workstation setup and visualize on it daily.

            When you have your mind set on riches, it can't be set on anything else. I have the word abundance tattooed on my wrist for that sole purpose as a reminder every day.

            Think about it this way, you have two full cups of water. You can't pour the one full cup into the other while it's still full, can you? By understanding the law of attraction, you'll be bringing yourself to where you want to be every day. Ice, man, I've seen your posts and your great dude. I've been a long time lurker on the forex thread without posting and LOVE the attitudes that you guys hold and that's why I want to be a part of your "crew" lol

            Your mind acts like a field. Weeds are going to grow there unless you plant seeds every day. Every day you wake up, you should be visualizing how fuckin awesome you really are and how damn good you are at EVERYTHING. That's how winning is done. Visualization is everything, especially in the business we're in.

            If you've gone through Anthony Robbins Personal Power 2, which you should have by now, visualization should have been one of the main things that you concentrated on by making the decision to do it now, not hold off, and start visualizing daily.

            Sentinel, I've read a LOT of your posts as well man and I'm impressed by the amount of work you've done. Congratulations brother, on creating the life for yourself that you want. I love seeing everyone working together like this and I'm just happy that I found this site again.

            Have a good one fellas.


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              Im actually really glad to get this term defined because I have been having the same issue in other areas of my life. I was raised in a family that left and came back to the place there were born and my entire life it has been expected that I would do the same. I have a lot of big goals and things I want to do but I find that sometimes I am in my own way. When I think of mastering pick up for example even though I believe fool proof that it works I find myself thinking yes that will never happen. Im currently producing a film adaptation of a popular comic book series and the same thing occurs. Its a problem i want to deal with I think Im going to look into this process of yours thank you for the post.