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  • Anyone have any tested wealth building schemes?


    The one I've used is Jailbreaking and unlocking iphones & reselling them on Ebay for a higher price.

    i made between 50-100 per phone...

    Anyone else have any methods they use?

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    Hmmm.. I don't know, you kind of seem like a cop.


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      yeah, cuz thats the new thing undercovers do.. they go on pick up artist forums and try and break up drug cartels.. the DEA is in on it.. I saw it on law & order.


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        Pheww.. dodged a close one there. Thanks pal.


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          Wealth building

          I have been working online for several years now and have come up with a few systems that i do joint JV's with and partner up with others to make money.

          If your interested shoot me a pm, and we can discuss the details.


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            Not really any scheme but I dould state that investing in gold and silver around 2009 and until now seem to be Gerald Celente was correct.

            Check youtube on previous dates and you can not only see him predict the crash, but also to invest in gold. The good part is that he does not only tells you to invest in certain companies and the like, but just gold in general. He does not own all the worlds gold companies, though the rise of gold in general proves he was right.


            Definatly invest a SMALL amount in any real physical gold. Its not a perfect always going up decision, but its a good decision in my opinion.

            Where to buy the gold is another thing that is up to you.