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    How I've cut my monthly costs in half and doubled my fun.

    I needed to get my finances in shape, and came across a wonderful book "Your Money or your life" MUST READ.

    Anyways, it made me look at my spending habits as an extension of myself, was my spending congruent with my habits? I noticed I extension my weekends at a upscale nightclub with friends but never really enjoyed the scene, while wasting alot of money.

    I decided it was time to be honest with myself, I found a dance club (more daft punk, funkier music), which is a club that I would not be caught dead in a year ago for fear of wondering how people would think of me.

    In the course of 2 weekends, I've had so much fun that I got to know the bouncers, the DJ and bar tenders. That translated into Free cover. I did not have to fake a smile, or try to act confident. I realized that the new club's environment actually put me in such a good mood, that I could walk up to any girl, and just say 'hi'.

    Last weekend - 4 # closes, 3 k closes, and the last k close was with a HB9 I've been crushing on hard for months!

    And I'm probably never going back to the gino clubs I used to go to.

    What's the point?

    Don't be afraid to try out a new venue, especially if it seems out of character for you. My mistake was allowing my image to solidy as a guy that would only go to a certain type of club, or chill with a certain crew.

    Feel free to break free!!! I went out alone the first weekend, and now they know me by name when I walk into this club.

    Don't be afraid to shake things up, your image, friends, what not.

    Let me break down the costs

    The old club

    Cab with friends $10
    Cover $10

    Overall satisfaction for the night 5/10

    Bus fare $2 (much closer to my place, no need for cab)
    Cover free
    Drinks $15

    K- close with the dream girl - Priceless.

    None of it would have happened if I did not try something new, so fellas,try something new, and also read the book, it's changed my life for the better.