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    get a chopper (if you can pull it off)

    i dont invest money into cars bc they are a crap shoot. use other concrete achievements in your life as DHV. you dont need a car to do that. let yourself BECOME HIGHER VALUE

    a good education = higher value and it wont depreciate. you will feel accomplished and confidence from this

    knowledge on a particular interesting subject = HIGHER VALUE

    work on those things, dont waste on these cars. just have a decent vehicle and taht is it. if a girl cares about cars she is probably a pig.


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      for the type of image you want to project (bad boy), you want to show up with a two-seater/sports/muscle car. or a motorcycle. convertible is a plus.


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        I get all the bitches in this ride


        bitches love it


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          I would suggest to analyze properly, i mean before buying any car do have a look on the salvage title cars, many salvage cars are actually in good condition with just a few damages which can be easily repaired. You can get your dream car in a much cheaper amount.