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  • $10000, 20 years old, looking to grow

    I have 10 grand+ in my bank account and Im currently planning on spending it on college. I have enough to finish my undergraduate degree but I will be broke when i graduate (and have to work instead of go to law school). My CD matures in august and I am considering closing the CD altogether to make investments. What are the best ways to invest 10gs at my age? I am an economics major so I have a modest background in money and finance. I used to play with the stock market when I first got my money but lost 5gs+, so I am looking for other forms of investment...

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    see the posts on Forex Trading. Start with the mini account.


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      If you're scared of the stock market, I'm not exactly sure forex is the best venue for you.


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        im in the same boat, iv read through the majority of the forex thread and gone through some of babypips and most of currency for dummies but after signing up for an demo account it seems it is even more complicated and confusing then when i stated


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          10000 investment

          If you have 5-7 years to let grow look for a stock that you you know is going to bounce back, to where it was 3-4 years ago before the crash

          You can go for something like Bank America that you know is going to be worth $25-$30 a share in 5 years or so

          Or a lower price stock like fannie may or wamu that has higher reward but also a higher risk

          Also if your interested i do media buys that can be quite profitable but there is also some risk involved. If your interested shoot me a pm, and Good luck