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  • True that EURUSD is not so volatile now.
    If you want more pips a day, check out the GBPJPY.

    Keep in my that US government have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks.
    Also, if they won't agree on the debt ceiling, they are going to be bankrupt on thursday.
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    • Awesome week!! 3 trades, over 400 pips. Short EUR/USD and NZD/USD, Long USD/CHF.
      It still works just fine ladies and gentleman, just fine


      • Rodehard
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        Happy for you cowboy. Do it again next week

    • Welp, news made this week sketchy. Im giving up for this week 3 trades at +39. At least its a plus!
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      • 7 trades, +193 this week. I was moving the stop to break even little to early so a few of those trades were getting back in in the same direction.


        • Good job cowboy! I know this is an FX topic, but any of you fellow traders into indicies?


          • Originally posted by Rodehard View Post

            Why not expect to make a vast amount in a short time. Jacque too a few thousand into millions in a few semesters. Others have gone from pauper to prince in a short time. Focus on each trade being the best you can make it, remember you will never ever be right on a trade (you will always have too many loosers or not enough winners), and never stop learning. The money will flow in until you are sick of counting it.
            Dear Rodehard,

            Thank you for being active again and thanks for this thread. After college graduation, and even after graduating in 3 years I was job-less and my immigration status was in jeopardy because of scamming adoption lawyer and I could not get a legal job; I was in misery. First found this thread about 6 months ago and read & went through every material you have recommended. It truly has changed my life and my views. My DACA(deferred action for childhood arrival) was rejected first time and I got a letter saying I required more evidence for my status, but I had this weird feeling that I never had felt before. I applied what Tony taught me changing physiology, all the universe's wealth flowing through me etc. etc. I was never worried and I just knew no matter what happens I'll be fine because I knew I am the only one who can control meaning of anything and control my life. Then 3 months later, I got a letter saying my DACA application was accepted. What was weird was that I never sent any additional evidence. I just knew I was going to be fine. It was a very weird feeling. I recently opened a small account, and I gained 50% last month but lost about 8% last week. Still a lot to learn, and still a journey but I can honestly tell you that I have no doubt in my mind that I will be joining the 7 figure club and I would love to meet you when I do. Also, I agree, people say don't buy into "get rich quick scheme." but then I ask myself "Why the fuck shouldn't I? when other people have done it?" I believe you can only achieve what you wish and I wish and want what other people label "impossible." Thank you for this thread and Thank you and Thank you again.

            Also was good to know that you are a pike. almost joined them but joined sigma chi instead. Great guys, good frat.
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            • Rodehard
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              It is possible to get rich quick but not with a scheme.... you need a plan and the will to give 200% of yourself to making that plan become real. For anyone who says different I have 2 words, Elon Musk. One day he is a struggling graduate student, a year later he sells Pay Pal for billions, now he has his own space exploration company that services NASA and plans for a colony on Mars in 7 years.

            • Rodehard
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              It is possible to get rich quick but not with a scheme.... you need a plan and the will to give 200% of yourself to making that plan become real. For anyone who says different I have 2 words, Elon Musk. One day he is a struggling graduate student, a year later he sells Pay Pal for billions, now he has his own space exploration company that services NASA and plans for a colony on Mars in 7 years.

            • Entity
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              That is a very powerful sentence. I think I am going to make that one of my quotes to live by. Thank you

          • hey guys, what you think is the best exit strategy at the moment? Now I am putting my targets at the next SR areas, but it limits my profits. Also I would like to know how to combine pyramiding with exit strategy.


            • Hey Jspar!
              Forex is a CFD based market. You make a contract with a ticket with someone else. If you win, you get the money, if you loose you give!

              Also, where does it stop? Right now Buffet is the biggest one, he has 60 billion right now...
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              • Rodehard
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                normally your broker is that some one else... or they are the counterparty to your trade.

            • Hello, been some time since I last was on here, how are you all doing?

              The point I was trying to put across wasn't that it's impossible to make money fast. Of course it's possible.

              Elon Musk taught himself how to write computer code at the age of 12. (1983)
              Ebay bought Paypal 2001 for $1,5 billion. Elon made $165 million himself.
              He then went on to start SpaceX, which was very close to financial ruin, as they had x amount of money left to x amount of takeoffs.
              It was on the last takeoff they had money to do, that they managed to put the rocket into orbit. And put a satellite into earth orbit.
              SpaceX then got a government contract worth, a billion, if not billions (can't recall exactly how much). He had then passed the 8th wealth wound with SpaceX. (Personal Power reference.)

              As with Tesla Motors: "After 10 years, Tesla posted profits for the first time during the first quarter of 2013."

              Rich Dennis turned $400 into $200 million in 10 years.

              A woman named Karen made 41 million $ in 3 years.
              That interview can be found here.
              "Karen went from her day-job as a CFO to an option trader and turned $100,000 in 2007 into $41 million by 2011."

              My point was simply that, if your goal is to become a millionaire within your first 6 months of trading, and you fail. It doesn't mean give up.
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              • Rodehard
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                I heard someone say once that "If you want to make a small fortune in a short time with FOREX, start with a large one." The only person I know who went from broke college student to millionaire in less than a year, using FOREX, was Jaque.

                Space X is a good metaphor for trading...: don't think of the $$ signs..think of the whole journey. When he began Elon knew nothing about rockets, he read everything he could, talked to every one he could, gave himself 110% to the dream he had. 6 years later, and being down to his last attempt, he had his first successful launch. Now 10 years later, he is servicing the space station and prepping for a trip to Mars.

                In terms of the whole picture he went from being the guy under the bridge begging for change, to the guy who can pay off the US debt with his pocket change.

                This is the same journey successful traders take. One day we are laid off, collecting unemployment checks but we have a dream of being rich. We get every book we can find on trading, read the forum for insights to what will help us master the markets, we build chat rooms, we meet in Miami for fellowship, we ask successful trader to mentor us, we give 110% of ourselves to our dream. It may take a week, a month or a decade, but we know in the end we will be sitting on gold plated toilets incrusted with diamonds and emeralds.

            • Trading is not a science where exact things occur.

              Price is like a drunken sailor.

              In all trading you must expect losses, and accept them gracefully.

              If you make a good trade, donít think it is because you have some uncanny foresight.

              Donít be arrogant. When you get arrogant, you forsake risk control.

              Be your own person. Think against the herd.

              Donít trade until an opportunity presents itself. Knowing when to stay out of the markets is as important as knowing when to be in.

              You must learn how to lose; is it more important than learning how to win. If you think you are always going to be winner, when you lose, you will develop feeling of hostility and end up blaming the market instead of trying to learn why you lost.

              When it comes to risk management, thereís no rocket science to it.

              You trade to make money, not for fun, itís not a game or to escape boredom.
              Trading is a very serious business. If you get careless or cocky a professional trader will beat you every time.


              You have to really seek out those high profit objective trades, those trades that have a high probability of working.

              Never enter a trade based on a rumor or a tip. When youíve entered a trade, it should always be on your terms.

              The markets are 20% fundamental, technical and academic and 80% psychology.

              Here you go guys, my basic trading beliefs and what not. Decide for yourself if they make sense or not.


              • Here's a example of how one could trade, using simplicity. Again, this is just an example, nothing more, don't go lose all your money trading and blame me. I'm not responsible for any losses or profits you create for yourself trading. Nor is paint something I want to master.

                Trend up on H4, and potential entry is shown on M15.
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                • Got out way early monday. Going to assume I'd be more upset had I not taken the trade at all.


                  • [url][/url]
                    "Small Changes to make a big difference - 365 Daily lessons in self mastery"

                    A great book by Tony Robbins. It's created in such a way that you read a page every day, it'll take about a minute or less to read and then there's the occasional assignment.


                    • I was talking to an old High School classmate the other day. He was complaining about how much he paid in taxes, and how I make more on a single trade than he does in a year, but I am in an 8% tax bracket and he is in the 28%. (34% with state). I told him I knew a way he could increase his take home by 30% and all he had to do is read a couple books. He said he did not have the time to read a book. The guy makes around $120K a year, so it would have earned up to $36,000 a year because he read a book on how to shelter your taxes, a book published by the IRS.

                      I can't tell you how many 20 something women I meet in South Beach that say they will do "anything" to have a life of luxury. By "anything" they normally mean "as long as it does not entail me actually doing something". They will defile themselves in anyway you ask them too but ask them to read a book or take a look at "" and they find that degrading.

                      For those of you still here, I applaud you and your determination.


                      • I have been lurking in this room for years. I've gotten a lot of good stuff from here. Rodehard thank you for being a light for me even though you don't know me. You are a free thinker and also someone that helps people. Just wanted to say thanks. I just read a great book you might be interested in. I know you like Tony Robbins and self help stuff. "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher. This guy has a great podcast I think you'd enjoy. Cheers, BogusOtis