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    anyone here started to practice and do magic since you got into the game?if so what do you sue that works?where did you learn it?name of tricks?

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    I do a few tricks, really I just put them off as mind reading, start off with Mysteries ESP number between 1-4. I have worked out a delivery where I stack it with NLP to improve the likelihood of them choosing 3 even more. I also add in a few bits where i get HB to stare at me and hold really strong eye contact.
    From that I roll into a card trick call magicians choice. You only use an imaginary pack of cards otherwise you'd look really lame taking a real pack of cards with you. I quite often get her to give me her number so I can txt her the prediction. (in the few occasions she worked out the trick I laughed it off that I still got her number from it!) start off again building eye contact and don't tell her it's a card trick before you start otherwise she will think of a card and mess it up for you. This trick really allows you to build up kino as you can hold her hands and put the piles of imaginary cards you want to get rid of on her shoulders legs, knees etc. through practice always say "pick a pile of cards to give to me, doesn't matter which any pile will do" if you tell her to pick a pile of cards in her mind they become hers and she'll want to make sure she holds into them.
    ESP I sometimes explain NLP to her and that I have implanted the number three in her head to make her choose it. Never explain magicians choice. The trick is interesting, the explanation isn't.


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      Magic gives great entertainment to people. I like to see magicians while doing their magic, It makes surprise to us. I always watch magic shows on T.v. I know some magics too.