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  • Groin Waxing or smth

    Hey guys,
    I never had sex before so I'm seeking your advice. What is the best way to get rid of hair from groin? Is there a mans groin waxing? I was googleing and only found an article about the man who lost a ball while he was trying to get waxed (if someone is interested [url][/url]). Or you just normally shave, thought IMHO that it's not the best way, because skin will become rough and hair grows up back fast.

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    first with a trimmer to get down the trees, then with hair removal cream to get rid of the bushes. You don't wanna wax down there dude.

    Just like a porno star.


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      Oh thanks so it's that easy . I didn't really wanted to wax, it's painful. I guess shaving my groin will as common as shaving face .


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        I've gotten a Brazilian wax done before, it was good stuff, but then, I'm not a fan of chemical hair remover.

        As far as pain goes, it wasn't bad, pop a couple ibuprofen before hand, doesn't hurt much more than getting slapped across the face, and it is fleeting. And it leads to a few weeks of smooth skin. Just use hydro-cortisone and follow the skin care instructions of your waxer.

        Lastly, find a professional that will answer your question and that you feel comfortable with. First time I had it done I was north of San Diego, the lady was friendly and professional and was really good about answering questions. If you aren't comfortable, there may be a problem.

        The hard part is going to be finding a waxer near you that does men... there is still a stigma attached to it and many female professionals aren't comfortable with it. If you find a place that does waxing but not male Brazilian, go in and have another service (I'd recommend a massage and maybe facial/eye brow waxing) and build a rapport with the waxing technician and see if you can get them to change the rules after you have a working business relationship and she knows you're respectful. (You're a pua, if you can't talk a professional waxer into letting you take your pants off to do her job, you may need more practice.)



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          wow thanks that was useful info