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  • Forums are not super active, what happened?

    I was hoping these forums would be the most active. what happened? have they died down bc the show isnt on?

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    Only those who will change stay.. but to have a smaller community with prominent seducers will offer advice with clarity.


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      Its barely what you'd call a forum anymore...probably because of this "help me" culture developing...everyone is so quick to ask for help but then when someone else needs it, they are nowhere to be found (*points at number of 0 reply threads*)


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        And there are those who make the questions, and after they posted their question they never show up again. But i noticed that after my registration, people take like 2 or 3 days to continue a conversation in a thread


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          I know right. What happened to this forum? It should be on fire with daily responses to threads about sarging. I'm really disappointed. Only real activity for me is that I met a pal on here we just pm advice and field reports daily.

          Mystery and the pua gods have thou forsaken me? lol


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            i totally agree...... Something needs to be done, and we, as the active members of this great forum, are the ones to do it. Reading The Game you realize what a flourishing community it was in its day but now we're over run with AFC's looking for the quick fix. It seems we have no leader now, no guru. Someone, or some people need to stand up and bring our society back to its glory days, full of innovation, controversy and willingness to improve.

            I'm starting to ramble!



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              I may defect to RSD, Mystery's old wingman, Tyler Durden's site if this site doesn't get more active members giving advice.


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                I am sort of curious....
                ...what are you looking for? More posts to read? Answers to your own personal questions? Are there any particular topics or issues which you are interested in and which you would like discussed here.
                What would keep you more engaged and returning here more often?
                How often do you go out sarging?
                Have you been to a Venusian Arts Boot Camp?

                I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and input.....

                ...... Epicure


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                  Hi Epicure
                  Yea, dude I live at home and I'm only 20. I'm movin out in a couple months but still I have no money and my parents would think I'm crazy if I flew to NY to learn how to bang chicks from a guy that looks like a rockstar for 5 grand.

                  I just want to have a dialogue with other sargers to help more this tough period of life where I should be fuckin bitches but I'm not cuz I'm in a lame area and help me make the best of it. I think of fuckin 24/7 and how others are doin it and I'm not. It's really kills ur ego.



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                    I agree with most of what is said above. There are too many inactive members. Too many who look, but dont reply. My guess would be that it's happening because too many "inactive-pua's" join the site. People who are not really interested in developing, just interested in the advice that are to be found on this site. But not interested in using it to develop as humans. But just interested in picking up women quickly.
                    I must say that im not the best replyer myself. I reply if I find an interesting post, or something where I have some kind of experience and expertise. But I cant be bothered to reply to every single "This girl dont want me, what do I do?" Or "I cant pick up girls, what do I do?" Not that i wouldn't like to help these people. But just reading on this site, and reading some of the great books and stuff like that available would usually result in them soleving their problems themselves. But people who are really interested in developing a more rich and interesting life I will do what I can to help.

                    Another thing is that people dont really get what this site is about. It's not just about getting girls. It's about helping eachother getting a life that we are happy about, a life where we wake up thinking "This day is gonna be more awesome than yesterday, and for sure less interesting than tomorrow. I'm a happy person!"

                    Even though I think I know the problems.. I cant really figure a solution since I cant force people to reply to threads. I'll be thinking about this, I'll return if I figure something out.


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                      This is all true. I figure it's really hard for people with more experience to answer to all the questions posted. Thing is, there are a lot of those from people who register and don't even introduce themselves. Why not make it a prerogative to be able to post elsewhere? The downside of this, I suppose, is that it means moderators would have a lot of job, checking most of the info (obviously, someone's introduction being "Hey, I saw this show on TV and thought I could get some help here" without any reason or whatever wouldn't be accepted.) I don't know, it's hard to draw a line.

                      What I read in the Game is not just a community of innovation and willingness to improve, but also one where there were very few experts, so people had NO choice but to give feedback to eachother and not just feed off those who had knowledge.


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                        I didn't read most of the posts in this thread, but this will probably go against the standard of this forum;

                        Maybe it's people talk about gaming TOO much and not anything else? Forums need variety. I've never stuck around long on any forum that focuses too much on one specific topic. I find it takes away from any "community" feeling and the place becomes real stale real fast. I pretty much stopped posting on Stylelife for just this reason.

                        Just a thought. I realize a lot of people want help BADLY, but once they get it, they no longer have a reason to stick around if they're content to plateu.

                        Another thought is that in my time on the internet, I've noticed that almost all forums slow down sooner or later.
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                          Tight guys. Just returned to the community after a break for my exams. Basically what I think this website needs is a community spirit where we are all learning from each other, posting new ideas and posting regularly. We need to get to know each other and be willing to comment on others posts just as we are to post our own questions. We need innovation. It's simple get posting. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid to post as often as you can. You won't he judged here.