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  • FR: J the Ripper's $700 Piss + PUA tips from Grandma Ripper

    FR: J the Ripper's $700 Piss + PUA tips from Grandma Ripper

    I still had her taste in my mouth; Vodka & Redbull...fuck how old was that crazy bitch? She was in her 40's for sure; definatley the oldest I've ever made out with. I told her "We'll probably never see each other again", as we parted ways and my crew went back to the car.

    I had to piss. So I whipped out my dick, and go into a little corner on the side of the bar as JiantJ and Interkurse blocked me. I'm in mid stream and JiantJ yells at me:

    JiantJ: Ripper, put it back in your pants! Obbie Doo.

    JTR: Whaaa? (as I shake it off)

    JiantJ: Dude, whip it back in your trousers, we got company. Obbie doo.

    I stick my dick back in my pants, and I turn around; 2 fuckin cops on motorcycles flashing thier lights right on my face. My belt was still undone, and my shirt half tucked in, a cig hangin out my mouth, as the passers by from the local bars walked by and gawked at the spectacle I created for myself.

    Officer Gaylord: Put out your cig (I dont think he was amused by the fact I have the ability to smoke and piss at the same time).

    JTR: So how much is this gonna be?

    Officer Gaylord: $700 or so.

    FUCK!!!FUCK!!!FUCK!!!FUCK!!!FUCK!!!FUCK!!!FUCK!!! J the Pisser.

    The most expensive piss of my life.

    Cast of Players:

    J the Ripper

    (the rest of Casanova Crew was representing in Las Vegas)

    So my day2 from my last report never got back to me. We talked off an on until Thurs night. I sent her a text askin her out for Saturday, but she never replied. I sent her a text Saturday morning, with a simple "?". She replied back "??" Ok, she's fucking with me now. Doesnt have the decency to at least tell me she couldnt make it, and I figured that was it; I'll never see her again, and why would I want to? Leaving me hanging is disrespect, but I figured i can learn something from this.

    So she calls me up right after to my surprise, and we chat for about 10 min. I play it cool and never bring up the fact she didnt get back to me regarding me askin her out again. I say I have to get off the phone, and she asks what the "?" text was about.

    I explained how she never got back to me about tonite. "What text?" she asked. She defended herself saying she never got my text that day. I told her "Youre fucking with me." I felt she was bullshitting me, and I mnetioned I had made other plans anyways.

    HB8: I swear, I never got your text. Had I gotten it, I would have called you and told you if I was available or not.

    JTR: Whatever, its cool, I already made other plans tonite anywayz.

    HB8: Well i can call you later and let you know whats up.

    JTR: Like I said, i already made plans so you dont need to call me. Have a good night. (abrupt goodbye)

    I wanted to believe her. You guys have no idea. This girl was awesome, we had a cool lunch day2, we talk on the phone every other day, text each other all the time, and have good rapport/chemisty, at least in my eyes. Yea, I wanted to believe her but my gut called out bullshit. How is it possible she has gotten every other one of my text messages, but not this one?

    FUCK IT.

    I pick up my Grandmother (I take her wherever she wants to go once a month, lately she likes the casino's) at 1pm and we head out to San Manuel Casino in Highland.

    My Grandma is pretty hip for a 80yr old, and she knows what I do. I asked the other Casanova Crew guys how many of them share this stuff with non PUA friends/family. Of course none except my boy Malta does; they keep it hidden, like a secret identity. I guess I can understand that. But I grew up with mostly chciks in the house, and always felt comfortable telling my mom, sister, aunts and grandma about chicks I'd been seeing (pre-pick up) and now.

    Grandma Ripper: So how many girls you make out with this week? You still doing that 'We'll never see each other again" shit?

    JTR: I'm going out tonite so we'll see. There's this chick I really like, but I think she is bullshitting me. (I tell my grandma the story about HB8 and the texting thing)

    Grandma Ripper: She probably is. A girl likes to feel pursued. She might really like you, and want to go out, but thats what girls do; I know I did. There was times when I really liked someone, but I would always turn him down the first time he'd ask me out. I wanted to make sure he really liked me, and not just another girl. If he kept pursuing me, then I;d know for sure his interest was real. This girl is probably bullshitting you; think of it this way; you ask her out and if she says yes right away, she doesnt want you to think she has nothing else better to do. So she will play hard to get. But its normal, thats what girls do.

    JTR: Right, but she left me hangin and didnt get back to me. How can she respect me if I keep trying to pursue her; if I fall for her "never getting my text excuse", she'll think Im a sucker.

    Grandma Ripper: Do what you want, but I dont think what she's doing, if shes doing it, is particularly bad. She's just being a girl. But if she likes you, she will call you again. Wait a week, and if you dont hear from her call her to say hello and feel her out.

    JTR: We'll see.

    Yea, my Grandma giving me PUA advice, lol. We get to the Casino and she wins $150 bucks on the nickel slots. I never play, I just go to spend time with her and have fun. I drop her off at 7pm, and I drive home. Time to go out and do some fuckin sarging.

    Looks like there's something called a Traffic Light Party in Covina at Club Spice (a block from my apt aka Casanova Crew Headquarters). What the fuck is a traffic light party? We'll here's the jist of it:

    1. If you wear RED, it means you are taken and not looking to hook up with anyone.
    2. If you wear YELLOW, means you are open to meeting someone, but not here particularly for that reason.
    3. If you wear GREEN, means you are here to meet someone and are down to be approached.

    Sounds kinda fun in a dumb way, so we decide to go. JiantJ and I dress in red, and Interkurse in yellow. They dont let us in becuz Interkurses shirt isnt "dressy" enough. Fuckin Spice has the strictest dress policies Ive ever seen. They wouldnt let me in once cause my shoes werent shinny enough, or some equally stupid reason. FUCK IT. We head out to old faithful, Downtown Fullerton.

    We meet up at Rockin Taco and open a few sets. Nothing notable, just getting warmed up and waiting for our boy Syron to show up. When he gets there, we all take off to the bar down the street.

    I open a HB7 andcomment on her sneaky looking smile. She gives me a huge smile and I point at her, "Thats evil!". She sticks her ring finger at me displaying the wedding band on it. "Sorry" she replies. After my debacle with the married girl from work, I decide I'd steer clear from married women for awhile.

    JiantJ brings a girl over to our table and games her up. I can tell he isnt attrated to her (I believe he has an asain fetish these days) and he introduces her to me. We shake hands, and I challenge her to an arm wrestling contest. She loves it, and we do the handslap game and shit like that. I start telling her some stories, and she is really enjoying herself. Meanwhile Syron has a blonde sitting next to him and he is already doing the kino on her lap.

    InterKurse is opening here and there, enjoying the live band playing 80's Top 40 shit.

    I get up and excuse myself and JiantJ re-engages the girl I had been chatting up, and I see a MILF by the bar. I go up to her and open with something I cant remember. I get her laughing and she puts her arm around my neck. She mustve been smoking hot 20 years ago, I can see it in her face. Still very fuckable, and her body was very good.

    MILF: How old are you?

    JTR: 29

    MILF: Youre a baby! You dont look 29! I would guess younger.

    JTR: Did you know Nasa has a contract with Mcdonalds to open the first resturant on the moon?

    MILF: Well that was random.

    JTR: So is this (and I go in for a kiss close, full on tongue macking).

    JTR: We'll probably never see each other again, but I just want to let you know that was the best kiss I can remember. I think we can do better than that. Lets make an awesome memory we will never forget. (My boys are watching the whole thing happen front row, and they witness me do this JTRTechnique for the 30-somethingth time)

    We start making out again, and keep macking for a few minutes. Her friend is pretty MILFY too, and watching us bored out of her mind. I get cocky and try to bring in her friend, but Im pushing my luck. I walk MILF outside and give her one last kiss.

    JTR: Wow, I'll never forget you. And I have a confession to make. I'm actually only 18. I got in with a fake ID (I was bullshitting her)

    MILF: OMG!! She covers her mouth and is in shock. Youre just a baby!!

    I thought I'd through that in to sink the moment. I dont think she'll be forgetting this anytime soon.

    So its 2am and time to go home.

    Ive had a couple of drinks and need to piss bad.

    You know the rest.

    I spoke to some other Casanova Crew members, and they have experienced the "missing text" phenomenon. They think HB8 telling me she never got my text could be legit, and they give me example on times they have gone through it. But fuck it. Whats done is done. If anything I learned to never ask out a chick via text, always use the phone.

    I was going to do a FR about Vanguard on Friday night also, but will summerize it here briefly.

    I was mainly there to meet HB7 from my Vanguard FR a few weeks back. We have been talking on the phone for awhile and thought it would be fun to see each other, so we made plans to meet up tonite. Her brother is a DJ at the club so she is always there. We spend a long amount of the night talking in the smoking section, and I set up a day2 with her for Tuesday. I gave her a nice thigh massage and felt up her legs. I had my arm around her most the time. She just moved here from Mexico a few months ago but her English is impressive. Very cool chick.

    I got to wing a little bit with Drub, and this guy is pretty awesome on the field.

    BTW, the girl in Drub's FR that him, myself and Vigir were going at the same time happened to see me later that night. I ran into Capt Hook and he pointed her out to me. I sat next to her and we chatted for a bit, then I took her inside to dance. She told me she didnt know how to dance, and only knew one move...She turns around and starts rubbing her ass into my crotch and we have a nice little freaking session as she rides my boner. We danced for a few minutes, and then parted ways as Interkurse wanted to jet and I had work in the morning.

    Now I gotta find a way to come up with $700.

    -J the Ripper

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