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  • Important read about Mike Long!!!

    Ok. I posted this as a response in a different thread that got moved, but I felt this was too important to be cast aside. This will explain WHY Mike Long's emails are full of bullshit. This will also explain why we know it's all bullshit, and why we are all pissed at Mike Long for having a bag of douches up his ass.

    My [I]response[/I] to the quote is the important information, maxtell's quote is additional context for why I replied.

    Maxtell: you are a cool guy, so don't hate me for quoting your post, lol.

    Originally posted by maxtall View Post

    I'm glad people here like bashing Mike.

    He is a direct response marketing. MAYBE you oughta know something:

    1. This entire industry was STARTED by Eric Web running direct response, long form sales copy full page ads in magazines. No different than the copy Mike is using. I have one of the old ads around here somewhere.

    The book was "How to Pick Up Girls" and the ad was probably run hundreds of thousands of times. This was in the 60's or 70's.

    2. In modern days, the one and only Ross Jeffries founded the current PUA

    Ross BUILT his whole business on very long sales letters. Hard core direct response copy mailed to his list. His copy makes Mike's look weak as colored water.

    Anyone bashing Mike or making fun of his marketing does NOT realize you OWE the existence of this entire market, the whole history of PUA, to hard core direct response marketing, long ass copy, hard hitting ads and sales letters.


    Look up the term "media awareness" and you will know why people bash mike.

    in the past, people watched horror movies with corny monsters like frankenstein and were actually afraid. There were commercials that said things along the lines of "use this product and all the girls will want you" and it was not a joke; it was a serious marketing technique.

    Today people watch an axe (i think it's axe) commercial that says if you spray it on you, females will tackle you. People KNOW it's a joke. It's funny.

    As our generation is exposed to massive amounts of information and commercialization via the internet and modern television, we become aware of these marketing techniques and they don't really work on us anymore. We see through the bullshit.

    This explains why commercials have to be funny, strange, or interesting in some way to convince us. Telling us about how great the product is won't convince us of anything.

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    i can't believe this post got moved. it's an explanation of marketing techniques. It's not bashing anyone. The admins didn't even read this post, I would assume.


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      This has no value in the forum.
      get over it already.