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  • Provoking grenades to hit on you on purpose

    So tonight we were on a sarge (My 7th or 8th night in a row) and a giant grenade opened my wing. I saw her HB 7 friend getting impatient and opened her. Since my wing didn't give any indication he wanted to get to the HB 7 I number closed her.

    This gave me an idea. What if my wings and I could take turns provoking grenades to hit on us? They're so fat they have a hard time turning around in the night club and see the wing gaming the decent looking girl. The grenade is more invested and less distracted if she initiates with her juicy pig loin vaj desires :P

    Here were some ideas aside from putting Popeyes chicken around my neck, or wrapping a baby seal around my butt:

    1.) Playful butt bump with the grenade. Act like you didn't notice the grenade, and then you're pleasantly suprised to see her pig face, so in a way the grenade thinks this is fate.

    2.) Start dancing up on the grenade or feel the fabric of her dress.

    Any other ideas? We are going to field test tomorrow.

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    Dude, you can talk about this more effectively in a more respectful manner. Please review the Guidelines for Posting and Behavior in the Forum FAQ.


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      I have to say.....what an amusing response Mr. Wolf

      Not trying to rag on your Mr. Jaygame, I know you're trying your best man.

      honestly I'm not too fond of the term grenade either

      we're all just people trying for our own individual happy ending right?


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        Oh I might have let the title go.... but the content? Nah... I really think jay can do better.