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  • FR:J the Ripper & Vince Kelvin @Rooselvelt 09/08/07

    I've been in training with Vince Kelvin to be his main assistant PUA coach/instructor, and this was our 4th night out together in the field; & my 8th night in a row sarging. He has me working my ass off making sure I am building a strong foundation and make each interaction the best it can possibly be. Alot of you know Vince was one of Ross Jeffries main coaches, and he worked alongside Tony Robbins for a few years. It's awesome learning from someone with so much experience.

    I’ve been getting by on stale cornflakes and flat Coke for 3 days. I haven’t had the semblance of a decent nights sleep in over a week. I’m having bizarre dreams that I could only describe as “doing acid while in the womb”, and I look about 2 years older. But most importantly…I’ve developed mental calluses that seem to have “almost” buried any memory of approach anxiety. I feel like a machine on a mission. Like the Manchurian fuckin Candidate of PU.

    I just havent had the time to do individual FR's since my Cabana Club adventure last Sunday, and so much shit has happened it all just mushes together in my mind like a clusterfuck made up of cracked makeup up, perfume, high pitched squels,alcohol breath and cigerette flavored make outs.

    Just like the night before, we sarged The Roosevelt Hotel (we were joined last night by Johnny Wolf who I winged with for the first time). What's cool about the Roosevelt is that there is an awesome pool area with a bar, sorrounded by palm trees; there a little dancing section near the DJ booth, and at night it gets pretty packed. Lots of secret lil makeout spots also.

    Vince and I go to work in the smoking section by the side entrance of the Roosvelt, near the stairs. There's at least a dozen HB9's out here, mostly white girls (my personal preference "Lets do this shit", Vince whispers to me as we put out smokes. He goes towards a hot babe in a green mini skirt, I take the lone party girl who looks a little lost up against the wall.

    Lone party girl "Do you have a smoke? My boyfriend took my last one"

    J the Ripper "Nope, I only have 4 left. But we can share one if you want."

    I pull one out and she starts talking about work. BORING. I dont care that she works in a office dealing wih selling fake limbs and that her girlfriends are jealous of her because she has the prettiest feet (her boss told her so). I need to redirect this convo, she has gone on long enough.

    J the Ripper:" Ever get caught at work sending dirty emails or chats?" She tells me some of the shit she's sent, and I scare her a little by saying everything she sends/receives is saved on the back up server. I guess alot of things she sent were of a sexual nature. Her BF comes outside now. He see's her with me, and makes an ugly AMOG face. I blow smoke in his general direction.

    Party Girl says to BF "Go back inside and wait for me, I'm almost done with my smoke." He goes back in obediently

    We chat for a bit more, and I can see her BF sitting in the couch inside alone watching us from the window. Poor sucker. I wonder if I should pull out the "J the Ripper's Makeout Technique" right in front of him...

    He is texting/calling her from inside, and she needs to go in. I number close her and give her a big hug (my middle finger is firmly placed on the top of her buttcrack, and she giggles.

    Vince is also doing awesome with his girl. Vince suggests we go to the pool area, and we start making our way. We see a girl by the inside bar, and Vince comments on her purse. She giggles and starts saying some smart ass shit. I step in and start running game on her, as Vince leads his lady to the pool area. Us 4 arrive there and split off in pairs. I'll refer to this chick as "Spanish Slut" since I cant remember her name.

    She is the fiesty bantering type, very smart ass-like and cocky. I like. I dont take her shit and start negging her in spanish. I go on about how tonight anything can happen, and that we will have an awesome adventure tonight. I tell her to buy me a drink and she agrees which was pretty surprising. I was kinda half kidding when I asked. We get some Corona's. "Lets go talk some shit" I tell her.

    We walk around the pool area meeting people and being silly. I'm having fun with her. We go and sit for awhile and start talking about good fucking and relationships. I have my hand on her ass and I'm rubbuing her thighs with my other one. She smells good. Like alcohol and Rite-Aid (you guys know that Rite Aid smell...I fuckin love it). She asks for my number, and punches it in her phone. I wonder where her friends are. She says "I came here with some guy freinds, theyre back inside but coming out here by the pool is where I'd rather be; I hate being inside" Awesome.

    We begin walking again, and I stop her suddenly dead in her tracks. I go in for the kiss right away and we makeout briefly. No JTR technique, just caveman my way to it. She spearates and says to me "I like a challenge". FUCK. I went in too soon? J the Ripper is getting too cocky. I'm ignoring some fundamentals here, so I go two steps back, trying to get her buying temperture back up again. But it's too late. They start kicking everyone out of the pool area as it closes up, and her freinds pop out by the entrance. She goes right up to the guy in white in her group and kisses him as she places her hand on his chest. She turns around and smiles at me, and says for me to call her during the week, right in front of him. Lesson well fuckin learned. I try to go find Vince.

    He has his hands full with the same chick and they are huddled on a couch inside the hotel. He wanted me to give him a ride home I recall him saying earlier, so I wait around a bit and chat with the attendant girl. Vnce sends me a text. "Ripper, Im gonna F close here tonight, no need to give me a ride. See you tomorow." Good for Vince. So I take a walk back to the Hollywood Highland Center parking lot.

    8 fuckin nights in a row. I cant even begin to guess how many girls we’ve opened. All the faces and names become a blur. Patterns, conversational reruns, predicting responses (improving in accuracy), reading body language, facial expressions all merge into a intangible blob of familiarity. It’s no longer about “How will they react to me”, but “How do I WANT THEM to react to me”, and matter-of-factly making it happen.

    But I love what I'm doing. I love my life. i wouldnt have it any other way.

    But tonight I think I owe ol’ J the Ripper a little reward. 6 hours of sleep, before I go back out and do this again for consecutive day #9.

    "You only live once"

    -J the Ripper

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    J, that's awesome and what you're doing is very necessary to forget your old pick up habits around women. Any update since this post a month ago? You still hitting the Roosevelt every night?


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      Yeah, just do a search on my name on here and you can see all my recent posts. I just put one up from last night.

      Thanks for reading my stuff, I appreciate it.