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  • Improving one step at a time

    As a few on you know I spend alot of my time dancing outside work, something I always wanted to do and been inspired to dance since I saw 2 particular dance crews.

    Last month I did a street showcase and performed upto 8 times on that night. Now with the next street showcase coming in november I've decided to perform my own choreograph routine. I want to steal the show which is why I've decided to take new things in order to achieve my goal. So I can later use it as a DHV spike of being a successful risk taker in a set

    On my last daygame one of my wingmen told me to take some type of martial arts which will improve my body language and self confidence as they were lacking alot during my daygame with few if my wingmen

    So decided to take a type of martial arts not only to improve my self confidence, body language, my pu game, but will also improve my breakdancing alot also. So it's like killing every bird with one stone.

    So when I asked alot of bboys on what type of martial arts I should take to improve my breakin, flexibility and produce acrobatics along the way. Nearly everyone of them said do capoeira, not only is it little similar to breakdance, but Capoeira will improve my strength, flexibility, and stamina, thus improving my overall fitness.*

    I did my first capoeira class on Friday. I was the only student there, which is good because you get alot more out with your teacher from a 1-1 class. And to be honest a day later my body was sore as hell, coming from a guy who does upto 12 dance classes a week, doing capoeira on Friday def pushed me beyond my boundaries. Now luckily I was able to keep up with all the cardio workout and everything my teacher threw at me due to the fact that I've doing dancing for the past 5 months on a consistent bases so my stamina and strength was ok to keep up for the entire 90 mins.*

    It's not just the martial arts part of it but was also taught how to use the music instruments also. As capoeira has to do alot with music played in the background at all times.

    Now I want to start getting back into game really badly and on a consistent basis. However my timetable is so filled up with dancing and now doing capoeira that I actually have no time to game. So it took me a whole day to figure out the best way to cut down my dance classes as I do dance classes from fri-wed having Thursday as my only day off.*

    So I've decided to cut fri, sat and sun off completely. So I do capoeira on mon followed by a dance class later on that night, and then tues and wed do dance classes and that's it. I have to consider money here also as my whole weeks wage goes into my dancing and petrol (about 30 miles back and forth) and what am I going to do once I start gaming girls? Lol

    So from mon to wed will be capoeira and dance classes and from thurs to sun will be my days off from dancing so I can concentrate on improving my game whenever possible

    Church opener:
    This isn't much of an update as I only opened 1 girl but I have thought of a way to use opportunities to open girls as much as I can. And to improve beating my AA

    The capoeira is taught at a university in a church. Now I knew where the church was after asking some people for directions, however I thought why don't I park a little bit far from the church and if I see girls along the way use the "church opener". So every week my goal is to see if i can lead from the opener and stay in a conversation as long as I can, so no expecting any # closes here at all (for now anyway).*

    Now when i did use the church opener on a girl it wasn't the opener itself I was too concerned with, it was the way I did it. Now as I was walking to the church I saw a HB8 walking towards and as she was about to pass by me I *REACTED and stopped and asked her where the church was. She did said she didn't knew where it was and left.

    Now I know this isn't much however the fact that I reacted and not thinking if I should open her or not is something I want to improve. And i think we all should react to open sets rather than just thinking should i or should i not? Opening a girl is like getting a bunch set of keys thrown at your face, are you gonna catch them? Or you gonna let them smash your face?*

    So even if a girl does tell me where the church is I'd even accuse her of lying and get banter on the go etc and stay in the set as long as possible and improve my conversation. *

    So not only will dancing and capoeira will improve my strength, confidence, stamina, body language and overall fitness but can these 2 be used as DHV?