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  • A Question About Lesbians

    I can understand why women like other women. I like chicks my damn self. I can appreciate why a woman would like titties, curves, fat asses, and a pretty smile. What I don't understand is why some women like chicks that act and look like men. What is that shit all about? If you're going to be with a woman, then be with a woman. Why do this half assed shit. Seriously though.. Why be with a person who has identity issues and is trying very hard to be something she's not? That goes for men too, by the way. If went around acting like a white, Asian, or a rich person, I would resoundingly ridiculed and rightfully so. But if a woman decides to dress and act like a man, or vice versa. These are merely "expressing themselves. For a woman to be with a woman that's pretending to be a man shows that this has some confusion and turmoil within herself too.

    Also when did all of this dyking become part of the mainstream? 15, 20 years ago, you didn't see all of these lesbians and bi chicks walking around. Where in the fuck did they come from? Also where did all of these teenage dyking chicks come from. When I was in high school, there was only one suspected dyking chick and I went to two different high schools in opposite parts of the country. Now in 2010, these bitches are all over the place. I the way I figure it, a person who has a daughter the chances are pretty good that she'll be a dyke or she'll indulge in dyking. Not there's anything wrong with dyking, I just don't my relatives indulging in that it.

    Personally, I think most of these young girls lick cunt aren't 100% down with the dykin'. There's just too many of them. I think that they're just young ass freak bitches who are caught in a fad. For some reason getting in the bed with another woman is cool in these days and times. And again going back to my original thesis about the "dyke dudes." A lot these young girls aren't even with feminine dykes. They're with these wanna be man abominations. So that's tellin' me right there that they truly want to be with men. I think this wide spread acceptance of homosexuality is a bad thing. It desensitizes children and makes it seem like men that suck dick and women who bump cunt are apart of the mainstream. I support their right to marriage and I don't think they should be discriminated against, to do so would be run counter to the country's founding principles, but at the same time fags and dykes need to keep their abnormal behavior in their neighborhoods and behind closed doors.

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    You find it abnormal yet you can relate to why women could like other women. Contradiction much?

    Anyway, I find that this bi shit is a fad too. Back in the days of ancient greeks, being a gay guy was seen as favorable. It's just a part of human nature to do whatever is popular. It's not just lesbianism that's been cool. I mean right now, it's in. But it hasn't always been in, and at some point in history, gay guys were in too.

    As far as I go, I find it somewhat arousing, but when I try and figure out why, it's only because it's everywhere and popular. I used to find it quite boring. In fact more and more I find it boring. I would rather see a guy give it to a girl really hard than a girl give it to another girl. I like m/f porn better because it motivates me. FF porn just confuses me but I admit gives me lessons on how women like to be eaten. Then again I don't really muff dive so it's a moot point. I prefer to see a dick pounding a pussy and then the pussy recoiling in pleasure from the cock. I was once watching a threesome FMF porn and before the guy joined in, these two girls were f-cking each other and nothing really happened. Lo and behold, the guy shows up, and she girl starts squirting every 5 seconds.

    My point is that lesbianism/bisexualism in women is a fad that is used as a way to desensitize people to gays. I don't see why some guys are against male homosexuality but are pro-lesbo. Makes no sense. Who gives a shit what two guys do? I don't care. I don't find it hot but I don't care. I hate double standards like that and gay guys get screwed and the short end of the stick (sorry couldn't resist, no homo) with this lesbo crap. I won't lie and say that seeing two girls fondle each other doesn't get me hard, but at the same time it isn't everything it's made out to be. Truth is, if being a butt pirate was in, alot of men would do it (they have in the past). Sexual perversions are relative. If everyone thinks something is OK, they are more likely to engage in it.

    Anyway, I'd much rather see my own dick go inside a woman's pussy than any other guy's dick or a woman's tongue or whatever toy they want to use.