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  • GlennP Bootcamp: January 16-19, 2009

    [B]GlennP Review:[/B]

    Well this was nothing like I expected. Ive read so many reviews on bootcamps, especially Glenn's, and they all sound phenomenal. I'm not sure who is writing these. I wasn't going to post this at first, but i figured its important that people know, because im sure there have been other people in my situation and just thought 'fuck it, oh well.'

    Where should I start on how horrible this workshop was. Well lets say where I was before hand. I was getting attraction and interest very regularly, I say
    this is due to a revamping my style to sexy stereotyping and simple amount of field time(following the same routine stack, so I can predictably see where my SP's are). I basically got to a point where theyd want to go in comfort but I wasn't going kino and comfort so eventually they would leave. I knew this going in and I told the instructors that this is what I wanted to fix. Therefore, They gave me a routine I was already using. What really bugged me, well actually a lot of things, but it had to do with the in field portion. The seminar was decent in that you could see little things you couldnt over an audio, but the in field part of the workshop, the part I payed thousands of dollars for, was god awful. This workshop was filled up, and the personal attention sucked! I wanted them to watch my sets and tell me what to fix so I could work on it when I went home. You know how much they watched? almost none. I would go in set in whole foods and glenn literally only looked over for a second. 90 percent of the time the instructor wasnt even THERE! Hed say "go do that set ill watch" and then he disappears completely to another floor, drinking a coffee. I even heard glenn said "id so much rather not be here right now."

    When I went into the workshop, I went in the mindset that these guys are masters and are way better than me, and I have payed a lot of money, therefore I should believe whatever they tell me and do whatever they say, to get the most out of it. I mean if IM paying THEM all this money, then they MUST KNOW what theyre doing right? With this mindset(which I think is very healthy in this case), I was blinded to the shit they pulled. These guys are not master instructors or master pua's, they are masters at framing situations to make them look good. Even my friend, Swift, who used to work for venusian arts, told me it was going on, but I didnt want to believe him since I was in the middle of the workshop. At the end of the workshop they ended up blame shifting, which is exactly what swift predicted they would do. They go "oh man you just have an inner game problem, thats what it is." And when I asked how to fix it they talk in CIRCLES! They never actually come to a conclusion. They NEVER gave me an answer. I mean if they can not demonstrate how to pickup with outer game, they should atleast give me some inner game resources. Eventually he comes up with the silver bullet I had payed 2000$ to hear: "Try Tony Robbins!" .....

    On Saturday night they DID NOT EVEN GO OUT FOR THE NIGHT GAME PORTION! LAME LAME LAME. It specifically said on the schedule they would go out night game from 10-2. AND THE BARS GO TO 4, but they did not even go out AT ALL! So I decided to go on my own with a couple other students.

    noble half the fucking day talking about how the weather is cold and thats why sets aren't going well. What a waste of time. These guys were disorganized as well. For some reason they wanted to meet at BARNES N NOBLE for the seminar for sunday, instead of the studio we had the first two days. They also didn't even know where to take us at times to talk. Haven't they taught a workshop before??? In NEW YORK, their home city, no less!!

    The first night, talk about scam central. At the end of the first night they ask what I think, and I tell them about how my night game was 100% better
    than my day game, and they say "Dont worry, we will fix that tomorrow." You know what? On BradP's website it says you have to get a refund on the first day. So they are scamming you into not getting your money back.

    Are there any legit teachers out there? From now on I will do a more hardcore research and only do a 1on1 with someone, if I decide to take workshop again. I would recommend a 1on1 in general no matter what company you take, group workshops are just not functional. I would NOT skimp. And whatever you do, DONT take a workshop from Glenn.
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    I was on this same workshop and i have to agree with THE PHARAOH. First i have to say that Glenn has sick game. I would recommend a one on one with glenn because when i was with him one on one he really did help me alot. But with 8 guys, it was hard to get alot of one on one time with him. The 2 approach coaches, while nice enough guys, gave horrible advice.

    But what was really disappointing was how disorganized this whole thing was. Friday was supposta go 7pm to 2am. We started at 6pm (im guessing becuase that was the only time the could book a room to teach in) and they were ready to call it a night at 12:30. now keep in mind that the bars in new york dont really get started untill 12:30 or 1am.

    the second night was supposta go from 2pm to 2am. I think we started at noon and went to 9pm. they didnt even take us out to do night game on saturday night.

    all in all, We got about 3 hours less than what they had stated to give us. We got about 3 hours of night game and 6 hours of day game...

    THE PHARAOH's right, I'd stay far away from a glenn p workshop


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      oh yeah... WTF was with them recommending Tony Robbins. I remember that now. they kept telling you inner game issues all weekend, then finally at the last debreif you asked how you could specifically fix the inner game issues. and they recommend tony robbins! WTF?


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        Hey guys, sorry you had such a horrible sucks throwing down all that $green$ for a disorganized class.

        Question: Have you all read every book on PUA? The major ones?


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          Yes, and some of them more than once, lol. David D's recommendations are almost all money... Red Queen by Robin Baker, Sperm Wars by Richard Dawkins, Genome, The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, Venusian Arts Handbook; understanding the M3 model is a must.. attraction to comfort to seduction happens in every relationship whether using neg theory or whatever you are running, those are the basic steps in any relationship.

          Hmm.. other books I was impressed by, Mindlines, its an NLP based book, and a hard read. It's very heavy, it reads like a med school text book, but it's very informative. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. You might think why is this book in reference to pickup? The book is about following your dreams... and your heart. I think that's self explanatory in how it relates to pickup. Self hypnosis is great. David Calof's audio series is phenomenal, and one of the most comprehensive in hypnosis series I've ever digested. And one of my all time favorites not related to pickup, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, just so you can be informed on whats going on in the world today.

          Why, were there any books that you thought I should check out?
          Have you read any of these? I love discussing pickup theory, because it deals with a lot of sexual evolution at its base. well, tata for now.


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            The Pharaoh,

            Then here is my experience. I've read some of your books mentioned and some I haven't. I still need to read Sperm Wars...Anyways, you don't need another bootcamp.

            Why? Because all of the info in those books will be "a repeat" of u attend another class. It's good to see instructors in the field, but you're allready on the right track! Just work on your inner game and leave out the phonies and *** artists. you dig?

            I'm sure you read Style's and Mystery Method etc. The obvious ones. You don't need another bootcamp. You need a good, cool wing and have fun with it. Smile! You don't need to validate yourself....I hope this helps.


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              I was hoping to validate myself by sleeping with you, but i guess thats out now, lol. A little cocky funny for ya. Seriously though, thanks for the advice, and I honestly think you're right. I have a really great wing, Swift, and he's always telling me I need to have more fun and stop making it such a job, and what you're saying is right in sync with that. Happy hunting.


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                Yes, smile, have fun, don't obsess over what to do next. Natural game too. I just like to attend the bootcamps for my research.


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                  I appreciate you playing Devils Advocate; there is always two sides to a story. I did speak up a couple times, but that's null and void now. If you seriously want to know the approach coaches they were: Hyper and Ruben.

                  The funny thing is I *DID* post this review on the attractionforums, and it NEVER even got posted. And well, from a business aspect, I understand why they wouldn't want to post it, they need business, so I'm not too perturbed about that. Like I said, they really just didn't meet mine or the other students expectations. Its not just that I wanted more 1on1 advice during the workshop, I would have just been happy if they would have watched some of the sets all the way! They weren't doing anything else.
                  And my friend Swift, when he was an approach coach for venusian, he said thats exactly what the approach coaches are there for. Key words: approach coach. Sorry for the cynicism. And personally, I was really hyped up about the low price of the workshop, it was a really great deal(you know what they say "minimum wage equals minimum intelligence" lol), but I should have just really went with a more reputable company and taken a venusian arts bootcamp. Hey, you live and you learn.

                  I'll keep you updated. I'll send an email to BradP and try to get a refund. I'll let you know what happens, maybe they're customer service skills will be better than their workshop skills, lol.


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                    Originally posted by kidrocker1212
                    I had a friend in the workshop too. I thought a few guys got laid during the workshop? Am I wrong?
                    I got laid. but i dont believe it had anything to do with the workshop. As a matter of fact, I had to ignore the advice the approach coahces were giving me in order to pull it off. (glenn was at a different bar with the other half of the group).

                    I also didnt like how the approach coaches stole a set away from one of the students. The student was doing just fine and then the coach jumps in with how hes in a band and will show her around the city, stealing the girl right in front of the student.


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                      sounds like you had a fun scam-time at that bootcamp.. you should check at .all the content is free and you can read about actual students and their progress. plus you can read all the info they teach online for free. why bother paying.

                      fucking scam artists, Brad P & Glenn P are just in it for the buck.

                      i hope you get your $ back.
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                        I was part of Glenn's Jan 16-19, 2009 bootcamp too. This was my very first bootcamp so I have no reference to compare it against. But my overall impression of the bootcamp was very good.

                        Glenn had made it very clear on day 1 that instead of teaching Pickup Theory from pt A to Z and cramming up students with all the data at once, he would focus only on giving the right info at right time. He wanted to make sure students implement that info in the field, review their approaches and than proceed to step 2, based on what they need. His philosophy was simple ....learn to create attraction dont need tactics for threesome on day 1.

                        The material he gave us to open sets in the field genrated solid attraction. I opened girls that I never would and kept the interaction flowing till the point where I myself exited as I didnt knew what to do!!! Glenn fixed that problem of mine!

                        Glenn's analysis at the end of the boot camp for me was spot on and so was his advise to me.

                        Regarding not going out for Night Game on Saturday, I thought it was a group decision as it was bitchin cold that night. I would not judge quality of Glenn's bootcamp based on that incidence!

                        Looking back, I think this bootcamp helped me because I didnot go in thinking to fix all my problems and be a master in three days. I would certainly recommend Glenn for the 'beginners' as he can set u on a right path of learning and for the 'society' guys who have studied alot without getting results to reduce the crap and confusion in their head.


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                          i wouldn't recommend any of these [B]scammers[/B] as they always delete negative reviews. that just goes to show they are full of shit. anybody who is honest will leave negative reviews up and at least respond to them. brad p/glenn p are fucking cowards.


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                            Hey I spoke to Pharaoh and I think we're gonna be able to work all this out and deliver the goods for him. You didn't think I'd leave him hanging did ya?

                            Things rarely go wrong, but if they do, of course anyone can easily get a refund.

                            I spoke to everyone involved, and I think the coaches tried their best and Pharoah tried his best too. So we'll work it out and maybe Pharoah will keep you posted, but thats totally his call. Maybe this can become something we can all learn from.


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                              shut up you fucking coward. don't you have more negative reviews to i mean [B]delete[/B].