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  • Flirting in threads?

    Anyone else sick and tired of people faux flirting in threads now? I think it's retarded and a huge waste of time & resources in that it just muddies up a thread. If you don't have something of value to add, save it for a PM.

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    I agree, Nutz.

    Flirting on here is next to hopeless. Using time on here to impress women you'll never meet is pointless. Spend that energy and drive working on women in your area.

    By the time you meet up with one of the fPUAs on here, she will be out of her prime, or you will be so advanced that they won't register on yout radar.

    Not to even consider the cost to go where they are. If they come to you, you will worry that they are a psycho stalker. (Not to say our lovely ladies are psychos...just the thought will be in our head.)


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      Glad I'm not the only one. It just reeks of Keyboard Jockey "fantasy pickup" as I like to call it.


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        I don't do it but I think it's funny to read. Yes I am a pc nerd, and a very sexy pc nerd. Don't get complacent or you will get rocked in field by some pc nerds in this forum.
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