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  • Siamese Chicks!!! HELP!!!!!

    Ok, so I meet two HB 8.5's...they're siamese. We met at a campus club, and they're connected at the waist. Here's the thing, I DHV'd Toward the Obsticle (the left side)whilst negging the target (right side) But the obsticle now likes me!!! Fuck!!!

    SO I have a few questions: First of all, If I do f-close, what does that count as, score-wise? 1 f-close or 2?

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    haha WHAT?!?!

    this belongs on penthouse forum


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      Stop making fake posts.
      I don't believe you at all! Siamese HB 8.5's LOL!!!
      You should chose both as a double target and obviously f-close both of them.
      You have seen the movie called "Stuck on you".
      I have to admit this post was funny.


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        NO NO NO! You don't understand!

        First of all, 8.5 is the sum of both of there ratings...divided by two. Whatever that is. Also, the Obstacle doesn't like me enough to f-close, so having sex with...her other self would be weird. Would it be considered a threesom if half of her was asleep? Or would it be called rape? Threesom or rape?

        haha ya this is a fake post lulz


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          LOL nice one


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            Kudos thats a great post!

            Certainly gave me a giggle and a good start to the day.