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    Look at this guy. Who does he think he is.

    Who would win beetween Neil and Mystery?

    Ive been to his seminars and all i can say is that it sucks. He was talking talking and advertizing for his bootcamps that cost about 2000 $. And still he goes on talking. And incredible enough there people registered for his seminar bootcamp.

    Ive even talked to this guy in person and asked if he wanted to be my wing and game with me for one night. And the answer i got was

    Hey come to my bootcamp and then i can be your wing. omg omg omg. I never never paid for his seminar bootcamp ever.

    I respect Mystery more. And even if i meet mystery in person i hope he does not say i should come pay for his bootcamp when i ask him out for gaming.

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    dobbelt post
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      Hey mates and most importantly Heey Johnny - Thanks for linking me about this - I love to talk about how I can help men!

      Ok, this has to be quick since I have to go to bed in 2 min. Like honestly im on my way to pass out ... Its 8 in the moring here in copenhagen.

      Thanks for the kind words Johnny!

      Anywayzz, I'm sure Mystery is a good guy, the videos I've seen of him has showed me that he has passion for this game!! I love guys like that!!

      Atm. I don't think about anything else than game. I love this game. I go out 2 times a day and have one of the best mental trainers in the world on my side. He trains prof. poker players normally as a side thing.

      About my training. I don't do small bootcamps anymore, almost. Most of my training involves with longterm students and I mostly charge 10 -20.000 dollars with COMPLETELY moneyback guarantee. My students say that I change lives with this long term stuff. I've trained personally around 500 guys in field and I love it. I could not think of any cooler or better job! (btw. I'm completely booked and don't take students in for the next 2-3 months, but if you want to get on the waiting list you are more than welcome to write me)

      It's 7.30 AM right here - Me and my 5 studens has pulled around 30 people from the street this evening up to my apartement in Copenhagen.

      One guy, Tais, pulled 5 girls and 2 guys up in the beginning of the evening - it was 11.30 PM. He met them at the central station and then he told them to come and party with us.. Then Tais proceeded to go home to his family and enjoy an evening with them. So 5 girls and 2 guys came up the apartement after Tais met them at the central station. Thats soo cool Here is Tais 2 months ago: [url][/url]

      This guy provided us with girls without even coming.. Thats awesome

      An other of my students pulled 2 swedish girls up to project copenhagen 30 min. later. If I don't remember wrong it was Jay. Jay 2 months ago: [url][/url]

      Then 2 other students, "Tord and "ICE" later pulled 10 girls up. I still need the storry from them.

      And finally: I pulled 13-15 kids up for an afterpary in the end of the night. Half of them women. I closed my target out and I've set up a day 2 tomorrow with her and her friend for IKEA shopping tomorrow since I have to do my apartement.

      It was a good night and the logistics of my apartement has a lot to do with it aswell...

      I don't have game...

      BUT, I will say this:

      Johnny Soporno is one of the guys in this community I respect the most. Period. I remember thinking: "This guy is insane..." LOOK AT HIM (No pun intended Johnny :P) .. He pulls Porn Stars and hot girls all the time. The guy could be my father!

      An other guy I want to give credit to is: AFC Adam/Adam Lyons. I remember sitting at "Hooters" with Adam Lyons, in L.a.- Hollywood and thinking "This guy is a genious" -This guy is SICK! Never seen a guy with that solid game and I've seen a lot!!!

      The same goes for Johnny obviosly. I don't just say this... I REALLY MEAN THIS!

      I respect these guys and they offer a lot of value and I've learned a lot from them and I'll keep learning! They are IMO the best PUA's in the world. Go sign up with them right now!


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