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  • Opinions on my current style and experimentation on props

    Hey, here are some photos of myself and I would love to get some opinions, the glasses are merely new props I am toying with and I did my approaches with today.

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    looks good man. nice place too.

    I would get that shirt tailored so it form fitting, while losing the black undershirt.
    Undershirts are no good.

    I would go with darkwash jeans with that out fit.

    but over all its perfectly fine.


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      Thanks man I actually bought two pairs of dark wash jeans earlier today Also the kicker with the glasses is, I don't need them hehe they are just an experimental prop. Also I will gather more form flattering shirts


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        Smile more.


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          Love it, but it's just a foundation. You need to accessorize it. Right now it looks like a ton of other guy's outfits i've seen. Accessories will help point out your personality.

          Like if you were more into rock, i'd add a chain wallet, a DIY band shirt to the back of the blazer, get some piercings on the face (ear or nose), or add a light hoodie under the blazer...

          Or if you're more into a classic look i'd suggest some bling- sterling silver bracelet, big rings (maybe onyx), diamond earring/s, interesting shirt cuffs, super tailored clothes, dark wash jeans, very classy shoes, etc.

          Great start though!


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            Thanks Ruby, and I been working more on the classic look. Toyed with Dean Martin/Sinatra type style while singing their songs during karaoke and have gotten great responses lol

            Thanks everyone for their input.


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              I think you have a great style because it is relaxed, mature, self assured and casual enough to fit into almost every thing. In fact exept from the undershirt there is nothing I would comment on your [B]style[/B] that I deem wrong.

              I just hope that this is what you wear and that it feels comfortable to you.

              If I was to offer any suggestions and ideas it would be working on that same style and get some more options and getting something that fits better. Here are some of my suggestions to what you can mix this up with.

              Slim fit sand or beige coloured chinos. I've tested the ones H&M got, I deem them very worthy. You have a dark skintone, you would probably look great in some colored chinos as well, try a red, light red, blue or maybe even green.

              When the buttoned shirt is to formal you can dress it down with a white v-neck t-shirt. Or when you want to be more formal you can dress it up with a striped tie that has colours that either match the colour of your chinos and blazer, or the colour of your chinos and checks or stripes on your shirt.

              Get a navy blue blazer as well, and a nice gray one for job interviews. I think you can get a better fitting cheaper blazer from H&M than what you are currently wearing. With a blue blazer you can wear it with sand chinos and navy blue converse shoes.

              Myself, I picture you walking into a club with a navy blue blazer, a white untucked v-neck shirt, a comfortable light red chinos with navy blue converse shoes. Everything fitting great, probably bought at H&M for a reasonable prize, and I would feel comfortable.

              At the very least go to the nearest shop and try some of these styles, even better, take a camera with you and take pictures of yourself in those clothes and post them here. That would be awesome.
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                I like your dressing sense and fashion style especially appearance from the second image with glasses and shoe. The glasses and shoes provide you more professional looks.


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                  You've got a classic look that will work anywhere. Good job.


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                    Thanks everyone I have made some adjustments, and still working on a few things as well