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  • Clothes a PUA should not wear?

    Which type of clothing should a pua avoid at all cost?

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    Wear manly stuff man, you cant go wrong with that. Women want men, not clowns. But that doesnt mean wearing what everyone else wears...wear some different stuff that is also stylish.


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      The most important thing is to be congruent with your style,
      I dress kind of johnny depp-ish, with rings, many bracelets, wristbands and necklaces but if I would wear average clothes and 1 extravagant accessory, I would get bad responses..

      Find your own style to stand out and stick to it, don't just copy stuff from PUA's

      Be creative and avoid ordinary..

      A PUA should avoid all clothes that make you fit in the mass


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        Feel free to wear your natural style but to the point of an Alpha level i.e. a rock fan can push to look more like a rock front man instead of a faded metallica shirt wearing AFC. Another example (kind of on a wilder tangential example) is if you happen to own a cattle ranch you can easily pull off a cowboy boot/hat outfit and use it as a DHV story starter as well while going with slim jeans and a dress shirt (no squares at risk of looking too cowboy) and then accent with jewelry rough in taste etc.etc.


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          find your own style..go to the mall,game girls while you get them to help you find cloths ,this way u get a new style,with a women's touch and if you do it right u get her number


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            What your clothes tell people
            So, you have been practicing your body language and got it all down to a science, still not seeing results? It could be your clothes.

            You could have alpha body language but are just hiding it under baggy clothes. The truth is slim fitting clothes act as a double edged sword both for attracting girls, and neutralizing amogs.

            My favorite example are skinny jeans. To girls, skinny jeans express confidence and sex appeal. Its not wonder that virtually every major rock star wears them. Girls will immediately notice a guy wearing skinny jeans because not many guys have the confidence to wear them.
            This makes it important that you are always on your game. While wearing things like slim fitting clothing it is easy to stand out in a bad way because you don't feel comfortable with them. For this reason, even if you don't feel comfortable in them you must have your body language expressing alpha qualities anyway (See articles on body language in my blog for details).


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              I Don't wear:

              1. Ed Hardy
              2. Affliction
              3. Anything that is stereotypically PUA

              I understand the concept behind peacocking but some people just look so douchey. But you should dress accordingly to what you are trying to portray about yourself.

              When I go out, I wear jeans, nice shoes, a necklace, a form-fitting v-neck t-shirt and a bracelet or too as well as a really nice jacket. Peacocking is great for beginner in my opinion because it gives the girls a chance to open you. As I got to the point that I'm at I slowly built my own style that I'm comfortable.

              Oh, and get a really nice pair of shoes/boots. I've gotten so many compliments on my boots.

              This is just my opinion and I'm not advising how you should dress because that's up to you.



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                Affliction shirts. Might as well have a shirt that says "Douchebag" on it.


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                  I think Pick-up-artist have to wear clothes and fashion accessories according to the trend which is going on. They select their clothes according to their personalities and body structure.