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  • The Art of Peacocking Without Peacocking

    I have studied Game half-assed for about 3 years and am now ready to go for it full-bore! I got a wing who will go out 2x per week and am working on second (a gay guy with a TON of HB girl friends).

    I was going to get spikey hair or grow it out long, get an eyebrow ring, and get my ears re-pierced. However, I work in a field where, during work hours, I need to present a highly professional appearance - think: Courtroom. I wear a suit most days. Spiked hair could be combed flat for professional appearances, but all the facial jewelry might not go over so well with my clients, colleagues, etc. I spoke to my business advisor about getting an eyebrow ring and ear piercing and she advised against it. Her response was "You want to present a trustworthy appearance (that is congruent with my company's image)."

    I love my career and I love wearing really nice suits, but I also want to jazz up my appearance a bit.

    What do you think? Any suggestions?

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    Go with the fancy overdressed look.

    Blazer, wear a jacket (dont wear a tie!!!!), basically overdress heavily (in a classy way). If a scarf looks good on you, add that.

    Peacocking doesent have to be extreme piercings/etc. It can be as simple as tucking half your shirt into your pants, or just doing something different.


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      I have a mohawk, I just leave about 1/4" hair on the sides, so when I go to interviews I can just put my hair down and you'll never know the difference. I also have my eyebrow and lip pierced, I just take em out. Although with piercings you have a while to wait before you can take em out. However there is jewelry thats meant to be worn but not seen. You could do your eyebrow and have something like this in: [url][/url]

      Nobody would ever know. But you'd go at least 2 weeks or so before you could put something else in at night.

      But don't get a piercing or something just to peacock. Piercings/tattoos should be for you not everyone else.