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Argo navis
03-14-2008, 10:26 PM
Simple fact : it works. It works for men and women, although one should be wary of the AFC businessmen who need to stay in their comfort zone - solid guys, though, will appreciate C&F and all the rest to an extent.

The "problem" is to dole it out for female customers - I have two. One has started responding a bit too much to my taste, telling me a few too many private things. Oh I'd definitely jump her bones, she's a 9 and a smartie, but. No. Must not do that when doing business.

So what I do is slip in a casual DLV - what you want to achieve there (I hope it works all along) is have her attracted, still, but a bit "off balance".
I hate doing that, but for example, we were physically close in her office and her fingers casually landed on my leg - a truly casual thing : but I pulled back AFC stylee.

Why? Because she PAYS, my partner in business is quite attracted to her : this all sounds like "danger, Will Robinson".

03-15-2008, 02:52 AM
I agree, mixing your career or an important job position with seduction can be bad news. It's best to keep business separate so that you can avoid the tension, backstabbing, gossip and workplace obstacles that may arise if something doesn't go according to plan. Not to mention it could distract you and decrease your work performance or possibly lead to your getting fired. Same with sales - you don't want her opinion of your company tied to how she feels about you as a boyfriend.

Argo navis
03-15-2008, 08:05 PM
To expand a bit on the topic of VA in sales.. My partner is a very renouned authority in local schools. Problem is : he may have all it takes, but knew NOTHING about sales.
So I handled him as the "wing I needed to train", and boy did he learn fast :) (he is 10 years older than me btw).

Three weeks ago, we visit the lady mentioned above. He knows her, i am wearing my best suit and delivering a massive DHV through my resume and some talk (+ commonalities, etc.. normal rapport development).

Problem is : she is in financial troubles (her company), she has customers but lacks professionals in house.
She needs persuasion/seduction, for both ends (me and my services - her and her customers) to meet.

So, and the following is an example of both prizability & cat string :
1) we leave it up to her to meditate the resume for a few days.
2) next meeting, he calls her firsthand, and she asks for my rate.

The bastard announces TEN TIMES my hourly rate, saying "you know, with his skillset he could ask you up to that." :) Bastard. I love working with this guy.

Basically, to her I am the prize she can't afford, and his move was a MAJOR push. So when I get there with my regular price, which, still, is very high, she smiles and signs.

Since then she has been pounding me with new assignments and proposals and stuff to do for her customers :);) Does it get any better? HELL IT NEVER STOPS!

03-16-2008, 04:01 AM
That's awesome! :D
And I definitely agree.... in seduction, you use the VA to communicate what you have to offer as a man. In sales, you can use many of the same techniques to show your customers what you can offer as a company. You need a positive, alpha frame for both. And we all know how important attitude and proper communication are in sales, customer service, and marketing.

I think a lot of PUAs find that the Venusian Arts improve many aspects of their lives, not just pick-up.