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11-21-2009, 01:34 AM
Whats it like when you have a Master PUA watching over you in the field and giving you instant feedback on your game. Can you imagine the confidence you would feel having a powerful Jedi at your side as you're weaving in and out of the Matrix of social dynamics. I recently had the opportunity and the privilege to be trained one on one by the star of VH1s "The Pickup Artist" and one of the legends of the game "James Matador".

Prior to this one on one I had attended a few bootcamps and had literally read and listened to EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, in regards to the game. Needless to say I was very successful in my social life and really had no shortage of beautiful women. I had met Matador at the LA bootcamp and it was his presence and deeper understanding of the game (Matador Mayhem) that got my attention right from the start. I had a similar vibe to my game and instantly knew that it was my goal to study under him as I felt he could shed some light on my game which would catapult me to a new level.

Long story short the opportunity presented itself and I found myself sitting on 'Melrose' eating sushi in front of my, now teacher and mentor, Matador as he whipped out the laptop and started to demo for me different concepts. He listened as I broke down my game and my understandings and through guided questions helped me to come to a groundbreaking realization about my way of being that was preventing me from being much more effective.

That night we hit the club and I went to work demonstrating my skills. Gotta say it was a little nerve racking having him stand a few feet away from me or sit inches away right next to me and watch as I was running my game. After I had isolated a few different sets and lost them, I went to him and said “why the fuck am I losing these fucking sets?” he smiled and said Ill show you and then proceeded to demo to me how I was sitting and what I was communicating. The stories from that night are stuff of legends. To get into the details would surely seem as if im exaggerating. However I can tell you that we ended up back at his house with a party of 9 women. I witnessed first hand why "Matador" has become the legend that he has as the three model type Blondes excitedly made their way into his bedroom for a "Foursome" took place!

Even though I was running on no more than a couple of hours of sleep, the next morning I was up early and ready to take on the day. I will tell you that by the second day I cant tell you exactly what had happened but I knew I was a different man. I walked through the streets and the people were reacting very differently to me. I met up with Matador and we went through another 6 hours of theory and drilling. This day he was very interested in my experience of the night before and I was very excited to report the changes I had been feeling. I had seen my mistakes clearly and had experienced life changing results. I was ready to ask my questions to clear up a few points which I needed help on. We took a little break and were going to meet up again at night to go out. During the 3 hours in between the lecture and going out I literally had women putting their numbers in my hand. It was truly amazing. The effortlessness of it all seemed a little serial. I got dressed and ready to go out and this night I knew it was on. My game had changed and all the little tiny things I was doing that was preventing closes were taken out and I was ready to put this shit to the test in the club as I had already seen its power in the streets the mall and restaurants. We met up and hit club Delux in LA. The experience was absolutely out of this world. There is a song by Rhianna and JayZ entitled Were Gonna Run this Town Tonight and I tell you Matador and Achilles ran that town that night. The club was ours. All the women were ours. All the guys were owned. The bouncers were our fans. The hired guns were our adoring spectators. By the end of the night if you had walked in you would have thought that Matador and I were the club owners! The night ended very similar to the night before with us ending up at Matadors apartment followed by our newly acquired entourage. I will save you the details but movies and books could be written about the experiences of that night.

By the next morning I felt different. I looked different. Everywhere I went it seemed as if I had a fuckin scent coming off of me that was bringing girls to me begging for my attention. I was at ease. I was calm. I finally had total confidence in this area of my life. I have been back for a few days now and EVERY area of my life has changed for the better. My skills are still with me and growing. Matador had told me to stay in contact with him and update him on my game and ask any questions. The next day I called him and thanked him for a life changing experience and let him know how things had changed for me. He said “Get a pen and paper and write this down” and then proceeded to breakdown in more detail what he had observed and what I needed to do to continue to improve.

I have achieved many, many things in life and have had the privilege to study with different icons of our time in different fields including Acting and Martial Arts. After having met James Matador I am proud to call him my teacher and my good friend and let it be known that I assure you whatever stories you may have heard about the skills of the man, if you doubted it, it was due to your own inability to understand the reality he lives in. I have witnessed first hand why he is a Master PUA and I have been and am continuing to be trained by one of the best Pick Up Artists of our time James Matador.

- Achilles

12-01-2009, 12:38 AM
Hey Friend ,

Its nice to see that this are of your life is beeing taken care of for good , if you want to be in the best you have to learn with the Best... The teacher makes the student.

I am somehow inspired by your post by doing the same....in beeing almost 4 years in this and still not beeing consistent as i wanted makes me thinking in taking a bootcamp and a 1on1 training session , i am sarging alone for some months now but there is always sticky points you dont even know they existed in you that the Masters pick in seconds.

What the most guys dont get is that when they talk about "gurus" nowadays they forget the ones that actually did something for all this "culture" and way of life and spit in the plate they eated.... i go with what works no Bullshit no marketting shit...

I hope in a few months to post a similar post like yours... at least its one of my goals in my list for the next year :)

Blessings to you and Matador and Mystery for changing the lifes of thousands and thanks to natural selection to "select" the worthy and the ones who actually want this bad enoughf to change completly.


12-31-2009, 02:01 AM
yeahh boii.. go do it.. will be amazing!!
and ill seeya soon in portugal.. sorry i mean mini-brazil :)