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06-08-2007, 07:58 AM
It’s a Thursday night on the verge of something good. A long weekend so people are out and about. We’ve already worked a couple sets and we only just gotten to the club.

I’m out on the patio getting some fresh air when I look over at our limo and see Player-S piling 5 girls into it. I’ll be damned if I’m going to hold up the party so I make my way outside in a hurry, on my way out I see Player-A with the 7 girls we picked up earlier. I inform him of the situation in a calm and civilized manner.

“We gotta go man Player-S has 5 girls piled into the limo.”

With newfound zest in our step we ditch said bitches and make our way out to the limo. We get in and survey the situation; 5 girls, a boyfriend of one of the girls, Player-S, Player-A and myself. It doesn’t take a major in calculus to know that this equals a good time.

We go for a cruise through the market in usual fashion cracking open the bottles of champagne and celebrating in the usual fashion. There’s a birthday girl in the limo and she’s set on having a good time. But so are we.

Player-A introduces me to everyone as Orleans the rock star and as typical with a usual solid DHV laced introduction (even if it’s a lie) the questions start firing my way.

I have my eyes on the girl next to me. She has a curly blonde hair up in a pony tail; she just came from work and has an heir and vibrancy about her. Rockin’ body too. Apparently they all know each other because they were all cheerleaders at the local university. Nice.

We pull the limo up to Player-A’s pad in the market. This place is absolutely beautiful; it’s located right in the market above a set of bars and has the entire roof of the building which gives an amazing view and great private place for isolation. With a couple bottles of champagne we make our way to the roof to hang out and take pictures.

We’re all up there and I’m slowly making my way into comfort with my bangin’ blonde cheerleader. We’re all taking pictures and enjoying ourselves and we move back downstairs to grab some more drinks and chat.

A little bit of chit chat later I signal to my girl that I want to go up to the roof again with her for some alone time. She complies.

For those who are unaware of this means:

We get up to the roof and make our way to the balcony. It’s make out time. I put her glass on the ground and go for it.

Within a couple minutes thanks to some balls and a skirt I’ve got my hands running up the back of her legs and successfully transitioning to some *sex ed voice* light petting.

I suggest we move over to the more private area of the roof. She complies.

We move over to the other end of the roof which overlooks the main streets. Hundreds of bar hoppers and party goers are walking up and down the street and none know of the debauchery I’m about to commit on my makeshift alter also known as the ledge of the roof.

I put her on the ledge and hike her skirt up so high it could have been her tank top. Granny panties, meh. I slide them over and begin my finger banging of the cheerleader. She’s getting really really into it and moaning quite loudly but the noise from the city stops people from hearing. LMR is beginning to come into play.

Cheerleader: “I can’t sleep with you tonight.”
Orleans: ”I know.”
Cheerleader: “I can’t sleep with you tonight.”
Orleans: “I know.”
Cheerleader: “I barely know you, I don’t even know your real name.”
Orleans: “I know. It’s _____.”
Cheerleader: “Our names match!”
Orleans: “Crazy!”

The whole time I’m three knuckles deep on two fingers. I pull my wallet out in order to go for the quick transition condom swipe which I now affectionately call the QTCS, catchy eh.

I put her hand on my dick through my pants.

Orleans: “Look at what you’re doing to me.”

She rubs. Nice. I begin undoing my pants when I hear what rivals the cry of the most hideous banshees. Her friends are about 50 yard behind us calling out her name. Fuck.

She JUMPS up and pulls down her skirt faster than I’ve ever seen. I wipe my hand off a little bit on her skirt (I’m a classy guy like that) and do up my pants and grab my wallet. Her friends go back downstairs but ASD has settled in and the vibe just isn’t on anymore. We go back inside and I eventually take her home at around 4:30AM with her number in my phone.

Learning points:
- Fast escalation is acceptable and even welcomed.
- Listen to her actions, not her words.
- A well placed identity grounded DHV can work wonders (I told her later I’m not a rock star but the psychology was already working with me and it was too late).
- I need to get some wings that can hold a couple girls downstairs for a half hour while I do my work.

Baby Girl
06-08-2007, 12:03 PM
I love it... cool report... i like the wiping of the hand on her skirt... exaclty the sort of thing i would do.


06-08-2007, 06:07 PM
next time, sniff your fingers with a big grin on your face... it shows real class.

i really enjoyed reading this report. where does the champagne, inner city pad and limo come from?


06-08-2007, 06:16 PM
the champagne and limo come from the fact that Orleans is a crazy player pimp to the extreeme. :)

nice job as always my man, and yes baby girl, it IS the exact thing you would do... you know, something someone else did before ;)


06-10-2007, 10:05 AM
It's just how we does. ;)