View Full Version : Why/how do mini cold reads work?

10-08-2008, 12:35 PM
I was just looking a the awesome buying temp pump that MCRs can achieve as is evidenced in this vid:


What I want to know is HOW they work? Ie what is the theory behind them. In this vid you can see iamthefuture get the hallowed 'hand clap' from one of the girls, which Tyler talks about when you give a massive state pump like that.

Why does it do this? I am guessing it is like shooting a spear of insight into the girl's world so she is shocked and awed that someone would have such knowledge of such things. Ie the mcr is talking aobut something she loves so much so it hits her on an emotional level.

That is apparently why calling a girl a 'bad girl' also pumps BT as it is something she has fantacised about and thus you saying that gives her an eerily large shot of emotional spiking.

I wanna understand how they work so then I can work on implenting this BT based stuff into my own game and rather than just reeling off the routines, which I will also be doing , I will understand the sequence so I can gain insight into the psychology behind it.

So to potentiate this knowledge would it be a good idea to just find other one liners like this I can just 'stack up'. I wanna be able to 'fry the girl's circuits' as I think its a great technique to my PUA toolbox. when I want to blow people out or pump BT quickly to facilitate quick isolations etc.

What are the best lines like this awesome powerpuff routine?