View Full Version : FR: Not so good

05-04-2008, 08:45 AM
After my first sarge a few weekends ago (FR on this forum), I get sick and have some distractions. This past Thursday I'm determined to go out. But the night is bad. I'd planned to hit 3 places, but the first was dead and the other two had lines (on a Thursday!) and I wasn't into waiting.

I open a mediocre 2 set at the first bar, but the obstacle (who I'm not even next to) is trying to have some kind of serious discussion. I should have plowed, but they leave.

The last bar I open a weird 3 set, a 7 a 6 and a 4. The set is dressed like she just got off work but she's dancing like a club skank. Figuring she's an attention whore I determine to ignore her. I open the 6 with a situational (are your friends okay? They look pretty amped up for a Thursday). It works. I ask how they know each other, do a little kino, and then go for my phone to check my notes for conversation fodder and they're off dancing. Shit.

So I decide I'm going out tonight and I'm going to do better. I fail. I repeat the bars from Thursday. The first place, Gypsy is better but still meh. There's a mixed 7 or 8 set at the bar and I land next to a 5, but there's some better in the set. But I don't open it. I move into the other room and start talking to a dude, for SP. He invites me back to the table with his friends and I follow. Nothing develops, and I bail.

The next place is the Marathon. I roam a bit, everyone's really clumpy. I see a chick who used to work at a bar I used to hang out with. I talk to her, she's with a friend who just broke up with a LTR. She wants to hit on a guy nearby and I'm pushing her to do it. Oh, the irony.

They decide to bail and I decide to follow them, figuring I've got some pawns. We hit a nearby bar and the friend wants to bail and I'm getting the distinct feeling she doesn't want me to come along. I should get the other chick's number, but I'm watching them walk away.

I continue to Blitz, where I did okay the other time. Nothing doing this time. I watch some air hockey, again figuring for SP. I end up at the bar again behind a 4 set. 5s and 8s. Again I luck out and land by the 5s (disarm the obstacle, neg the target), but I don't open. HB8Asian backs up into my sphere and I take it as an AI and open with Juggler, then Girls Night out from Seb1980) then how do you all know each other. Good response, some fluff and HB89Blond asks her friends where they want to sit. I'm thinking, maintain the frame, run the CrazyWilly's cokehead bit, but they leave, even tho HBAsian smiles as they leave.

So, my sticking point (apart from crippling fear) is I don't want to intrude. It was a problem on my first sarge and it wipes me out here. Also, there's the fear of failure, which I know is totally AFC, but I'm clearly not past that. I did well my first sarge, but that was lark. Now it's real, and I'm afraid.

Next weekend. I've got to go out and just plow. If I piss some chicks off, so what?