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  • VA Phone Game App for iOS Update Now Available

    I’ve been having so much fun down here in Australia that totally forgot to post that the latest update to our VA Phone Game app is now available for iOS. This version features a whole slew of new text gambits for pumping buying temperature with a quick laugh, feeling out if she’s free to chat, […]

  • Prophet Interview With

    Happy New Years everyone! Here’s an interview I did with Obsession Systems last month. It was so big they had to break it up into TWO parts! Enjoy!

  • How to Create a Time Bridge With Example

    The time bridge is a very important part of setting up a day 2. When defined it means to set up a planned date. It gives the woman an opportunity to see you again and do something different instead if going for dinner and a movie which to most women is boring. Women are adventurous […]


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  • PUA Training

    So You Want to Be A Pick-up Artist? Well you’ve made a good choice. I’m not going to lie to you, it wont be easy and it won’t happen overnight. But if you decide that you really, TRULY want to change your life (complete with the kinds of women you’ve always dreamed about) and push […]

  • Being A Man

    Part of being an alpha male means dealing with shit yourself. It means having things handled. You can pump your own gas, you check your own oil, and you put air in your own tires. That’s not to say that you can’t pay someone to do those things for you, but if push came to […]

  • Merry X-mas – The Bros Opener

    Happy Holidays everyone! As is tradition, here’s and opener I’ve been playing with for the last little while for our upcoming Routines Manual.

  • Como Os Seus Amigos EstÃo Secretamente Sabotando O Seu Sucesso

    Todo fim de semana é a mesma coisa. Você sai de casa com um objetivo em mente: praticar seu jogo. Passou os últimos dias estudando bastante, e está comprometido com a sarge. Mas chegando lá, seus amigos não estão no mesmo ritmo: eles só querem saber de ficar no canto, tomando cerveja e jogando conversa […]

  • How Your Friends are Secretly Sabotaging Your Success

    Every weekend is the same. You leave the house with one goal in mind: to practice the game. You’ve spent the last days studying hard, and you are committed to sarging. But as soon as you get there, you realize your friends don’t have the same plans: they only want to stay in the corner, […]

  • How to pick the right PUA coach

    Are you ready to pull the trigger and get REAL training? Great! Well obviously there is a right way to go about it, and a wrong way to go about it. First consideration…. – Make sure your coach has a proven ability to demonstrate and coach. It’s not enough that your coach can demo an […]