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How to Avoid Problems with Casual Sex

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A short while ago I posted a link to an article from Cosmo on the forum called 24 Problems Only Women Who Have Casual Sex Understand because it offers a great insight into some of the problems that sexually adventurous women encounter. As PUAs, it’s our job to circumvent these problems and avoid as many as possible, whenever possible, in order to make it easy for women to feel comfortable both before and after sleeping with us.


How to Create a Time Bridge With Example

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The time bridge is a very important part of setting up a day 2. When defined it means to set up a planned date. It gives the woman an opportunity to see you again and do something different instead if going for dinner and a movie which to most women is boring. Women are adventurous […]



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Information for men over 40+. Learn to modernize your approach to life. Wealth Building Techniques Life Path Kits Social Value Offerings Much More…. [catlist name=PUA]

pua infield training and workshop

PUA Training

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So You Want to Be A Pick-up Artist? Well you’ve made a good choice. I’m not going to lie to you, it wont be easy and it won’t happen overnight. But if you decide that you really, TRULY want to change your life (complete with the kinds of women you’ve always dreamed about) and push […]

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