When to Call After A Number Close

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So, you have gotten her number and now when do you call? I have found in my experience in The Game that calling a girl really depends on how much comfort was involved in the set. Let’s say I number closed a girl on Thursday. Depending on how the set went I would generally close […]

How to Create a Time Bridge With Example

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The time bridge is a very important part of setting up a day 2. When defined it means to set up a planned date. It gives the woman an opportunity to see you again and do something different instead if going for dinner and a movie which to most women is boring. Women are adventurous […]

How to Bypass A Line And Network

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There are a lot of things that can kill your state, but one of the worst ones is waiting in line to get into a club. You’re standing there… waiting… trying not to let your AA get the best of you… your mind can start filling you with limiting beliefs and fears of failure. It […]

FR: Day Game At Music Festival

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It was a 3-day festival that Prophet, Stavros, and I were looking forward to all year. We agreed the night before that we will see our favorite bands and sarge this concert festival. I was experimenting with direct game for this festival. I found with direct game there are 3 main points to get down. […]

FR: Stripper Game F-Close

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It was Saturday night and all my wingmen were busy with FBs. And Prophet was in Vegas. I had no wingmen tonight. I figured id lone sarge But then my phone rings. It’s my brother. Brother: Derail, a friend and I are going to the strippers. You gotta come. Derail: Done, on my way. My […]