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"It will change your life, not just your game!"

By Elmenduco, Coach: Mystery (Erik von Marovik)

"Not going to lie, It has already changed my life"

-Discovery, Coach: Mystery (Erik von Marovik)

"Worth Every Penny!"

-FlightDeck, Coaches: Discovery, Matador, Mystery

"Looking forward to doing it again"

-Aviator2003, Coaches: Prophet, Rizen

"I had a great time."

-Drastic, Coach: Mystery (Erik von Marovik)

"One thing I really enjoyed was having my personal questions answered"

-CaliDuckMike, Coaches: Discovery, Mystery

"Nothing short of awesome"

-BrienStriker, Coaches: Discovery,Matador, Mystery

"Mind-blowing experience"

-Natimus, Coaches: Discovery, Matador, Mystery

"Changed my life in more than one way!"

-mrBond, Coaches: Discovery, Matador, Mystery

"This BootCamp Rocked!"

-asab204, Coach: Discovery

Venusian Arts Members

From betas, to legendary warriors, these PUA's come from all walks of life, each on the journey to improve their lives in all aspects. Over time PUA has been redefined to being a mastery of all areas of life, women, to happiness, lifestyle, business and core building.

Legendary PUA Coaches

Mystery, Matador, Lovedrop, Steve, Jamie and more...shall we continue?

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